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GOP Establishment Foils Republican Voters

Think former RNC chairman, Haley Barbour is a "Republican"?  Think again.  Using tactics that any good Democrat would use, Barbour got out the Democrat vote to defeat Republicans.  Defeat "Republicans"?  Certainly.  Mississippi is a very red state.  Chad Cochran, the incumbent RINO senator from that state, was losing, so for the primary runoff election against conservative Chris McDaniels held yesterday, Barbour drummed in hordes of Democrat voters to swing the election in Cochran's favor.


According to various 2012 polls, 70%, nationally of all registered Republicans identify as conservative.  Of course, we know that at a gut level.  Which registered Republicans do you know who are not conservatives?  But does Washington's Republican congressional delegation look "conservative" to you?  It's not any kind of conservatism I recognize.  The reason for that is because of tactics such as those Barbour used in Mississippi.  They prop up RINOs as "conservative" when they run for the first time.  Then, when they get to DC and we see that they are nothing of the kind, they tell us "if you don't vote for him in the next election, the Democrat will win".  Well, what does it matter if the Democrat freely admits that he's a Democrat or if the Democrat hides behind the label "Republican"?

I will never again vote for any Republican who is not a known conservative.  If the Establishment tells me he's a conservative, I'll know it is the opposite.  I will never again vote for someone as "the lesser of two evils".  They want "evil"?  Bring it out in the open for all to see.  They'll overplay their hand.

As for Chris McDaniels, Democrat voters in November will be voting for the Democrat candidate, not for Cochran.  If he runs a good write-in campaign, such as the idea in the attached article, he'll win:

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