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The GOP is getting ready to SELL OUT AMERICA along with the Democrats to the illegals, then they'll tell US it’s the best they can do with Obama in the White House.   This is just another way of doing what they wanted to do all along.  If you’ve been paying attention to Sen. McCain with his Dream Act Bill and then Congressman Flake - soon to be the next Senator from AZ - who put up the Strive Act (which is also Amnesty), then get ready for Schumer, Graham and others such as Rubio, the new Anointed One of the GOP, to be our next Great Hope.

They’ve been setting US up for this for some time now, and will soon be delivering it in the form of COMPROMISE and COMPASSION, a clever ploy to get more Hispanics in the GOP.  Reagan made one of his greatest mistakes back in 1986, when he signed his amnesty bill into law, believing this would end the problem.  Well, it didn’t work then and won’t work now.  I don’t want this to happen for several reasons.  First, ILLEGALS BROKE THE LAW TO GET HERE! Second, the economic impact will be devastating to the American family, beginning with lower wages at all levels.  You see, once they come out of the shadows, you’ll be competing with them, and believe me they will work for less, and all  Americans standard of living will drop and may never recover.  We also need to examine the clause which allows legal residents to bring in, I believe, up to 13 other family members.  This, too, will increase the effect dramatically for ALL, especially OUR CHILDREN'S EDUCATION.

Please do the Math on this one.  We all know it’s far more than 12,000,000.  But let's deal with that number, times 10 additional family members equals 120,000,000 new residents.  That is a third more people in our country using all the assets we have.  Do all of you honestly believe that this won’t have a DRAMATIC effect on Our Standard of Living?  Please remember, this applies to all except for the very rich.  This means the rest of US will just have to learn to do with less.  By the way, this includes all the Independents, Libertarians, Green Party, Democrats, GOP and those of other Political Groups, as well as all those in Religious Groups who just want to be Compassionate.  

I’m hoping all who read this will begin to understand just what the two parties are planning to do to US in the name of Compromise.  This is the LOWEST FORM OF BETRAYAL, as it’s using one group against another - and by one against another I mean Americans against illegals of all backgrounds from around the world.

I hope you’ll join US in contacting your elected officials at all levels; City, County, State, Federal and Religious Leaders as well.  Let them know how you feel about this.  Try to remember they’re bringing ALL of US down and intend to use illegals as the tool to do so, hoping that they’ll escape the wrath of the voters.  For once in our lives, let's JOIN TOGETHER AS AMERICANS AND NOT BE DIVIDED BY PARTY. 


God Bless You All,


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