In my opinion it is long past time anyone trying to purchase a weapon be forced to submit to psychological testing prior to the merchant putting a weapon in his or her hands. Now I am all for second amendment rights, however, I believe some controls need to be in place. It is obvious the current system doesn't work. One can have a  clean record and yet still be a lunatic -- there are no real safeguards against psychos buying weapons. Not all nutters look as though they might go on a shooting rampage at any time, but a psych profile would go along way in ensuring unstable people are kept from harming themselves or others.


Along with this I believe being able to take a weapon into a bar is the most ridiculous thing our lawmakers have come up with aside from legalizing fireworks in a state with an abundance of dry brush.  Bad enough there are individuals that drive while drunk, now the legislature has put a gun in their hands while they become intoxicated. As drinking and driving is a bad mix so are alcohol and firearms.

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Comment by Mark Pentecost on January 15, 2011 at 3:33am

I can imagine the questions you would have us answer on your suggested "psych profile test"...


Answer The Following (2) Questions In Complete Honesty, And To The Best Of Your Mental Ability.

(Note: There are NO Incorrect Answer's - but Dis-Honest Answer's may cause societial rejection)


1.)  Do You Currently, Or, Will You In The Forseeable Future, Expect To Use Deadly Force? 

......Please Circle Only (1)   YES  or   NO

......(If You answered YES, place an (X) on any of the following that might, in your opinion, require this) 


......X - Mugger's    X - Rapist's    X - Burglar's    X - Car Jacker's    X - Radical Muslim Terrorist's

......   - Idiot Politicians        - Door to Door Salesmen     X - Wild Rampaging Indian's    X - Rabid Animal's

......X - Child Molestor's    X - Horse Thieve's       - Lady GA-GA       - Dear Leader        - Space Alien's

......X - Drug Cartel Asassian's        - Bigfoot     X - Charging Cape Buffalo     ? - Bill Mahar     X - Zombie's


2.)  Would You At Anytime, Or For Any Reason, Consider Using Deadly Force On Yourself? 

......Please Circle Only (1)    YES  or  NO

......(If You answered YES, please explane your reason(s) for believing this to be necessary)


I would only consider taking my own life if for some unexplained reason the 'Westboro Baptist Church' somehow gained national recognition as a viable third political party.



If anyone cannot see the the ridiculous nature of this proposal - 'it's time to pull off the side of the road and change the air in your head'.


And remember 'Smokey' sez - To Prevent Forrest Fires, we need to REGISTER MATCHES!     

Comment by JPD on January 12, 2011 at 12:39pm
Currer, so what stops someone from buying a gun off the street?

As for carrying a gun into a bar, only those with concealed carry permits may do so and cannot consume alcohol. One who has a permit is usually responsible. So how many in the bar without permits are carrying, and I’m sure they are drinking? I don’t care who has a gun where, more guns equal less crime.

Fireworks: have you ever tried lighting a steel wool pad affixed on the end of a metal coat hanger on fire and twirling it above your head.

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