Gypsies, liars, and Thieves: Election 2010

Watching the ad campaigns on TV saddens me to no end to see our system is so broke. Few if any of the candidates have anything to offer their potential constituents so they are forced to denigrate their opponent. A slur planted here, bring up something questionable a candidate did in the past there, always bad mouth the other person. Truth be told I wouldn't vote for any of the current major party candidates, none of them have any coherent plan to fix the current situation that many of them (the incumbents) caused in the first place.

The tone of the ads makes it difficult to pick anyone. I am going primarily with Libertarian candidates because they want to get the government out of my life and out of my pocket. Brewer raised taxes, gutted the education system along with her Republican cohorts, and signed what amounted to a publicity stunt -- Bill 1070. We've already tried a Democratic governor and she was happy to bail before the feces hit the aircooling device.

The only person I am sure about is Rotellini, She has projected a positive image and Tom Horne was an abject failure as the Secretary of Education, failing to protect education funds and his teachers. But then, he didn't care in the first place as the Secretary spot was just a stepping stone to the Attorney position he really wanted.

There have to be some bright upstanding young people out there filled with ideas to advance the state and the country. There have to be people that care about the folks they want to serve and not kowtow to the party line, special interests, or the bigmouths marching in front of the capitol. There may be a long wait for those people to make it into the mainstream of politics, for the present it's the same old faces with the same old rhetoric and the same nasty campaign tactics.

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