I am one of the most conservative, right wing, republican you will ever meet. Although I will vote for anyone who is opposing Obama, I feel that this election is like a Major League Baseball Game.

I view Obama as the starting pitcher and now it’s the fourth inning and he is in trouble. His fastball was good for the first two innings. Then he got into trouble in the third and he had to rely to his curveball. Now it’s the fourth inning and the opposition is hammering his slider, so what is the manager (America) to do. Well, he could call in the bullpen (Republican Candidates) which has a terrible record, while other Republican Starters are sitting on the sideline. Or, keep the starting pitcher in to see if he can squeeze out a win with a burst of a second wind. As the manager walks to the mound, the starting pitcher throws the raisen bag at the manager and proclaims that he isn’t through and he will finish this game. The manager who hadn’t paid attention to the pitch count and knows that his bullpen has no more talent than a AA team, makes the decision to keep the starting pitcher in, win or lose it’s his game.

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