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Hon. Sen. DeMint: Re: Your Endorsement of AZ U.S. Senate Candidate, Jeff Flake

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From: Annette McHugh

Sent: Tuesday, May 01, 2012 8:57 PM

Subject: Hon. Sen. DeMint: Re: Your Endorsement of AZ U.S. Senate Candidate, Jeff Flake

Hon. Sen. DeMint,


As a citizen of Arizona, I'm shocked and bewildered by your personal endorsement of a U.S. Senate candidate in a state in which you neither reside, nor have knowledge of the lack of Arizona 'conservative' constituent support for Congressman Flake's aspirations to become U.S. Senator for Arizona.


Whether or not you, yourself consider Congressman Flake to be a 'conservative' does not over-shadow nor erase his dishonesty to his own Congressional constituents in Arizona.


1. Were you aware or remember that 'conservative Flake' voted with Congressional Democrats (he was one of ONLY 2 GOP Congressmen to vote with the Dems!!)  when he opposed the GOP spending cut proposal in February of 2011?


2. Before endorsing Congressman Flake, did you consider the over-whelming financial drain, and skyrocketing crime rates in Arizona attributed to a mind-boggling majority of illegal immigrants? South Carolinians probably weren't faced with this detrimental issue as Arizonans were, so I encourage you to visit Arizona's southern border with Mexico, place your feet into the shoes of Arizona ranchers, border patrol agents who have been murdered, and talk with the border patrol agents who patrol this 'more secured than ever' border. Also, please take the time to visit with the widows, children, and families of these slain ranchers, border patrol officers, in addition to the brave ATF officers who 'blew the whistle' on Fast and Furious. Ask these ATF officers if they 'feel physically safe' by being 'reassigned' to other government job positions.


3. AZ Congressman, Jeff Flake NEVER did this, so I will pray that you are a man of integrity and high ethical standards, and that you, yourself will do what one of Arizona's own Congressman has failed to do. Congressman Flake is so 'out of touch' with Arizona voters/constituents that he dared to sponsor and support the Dream Act Amnesty program, which, sir, is NOT a solution to our country's illegal immigration problem, but only an exacerbation of the problem.


4. Congressman Flake fails to understand our illegal immigration problems stem 100% from our own Federal government's unenforcement of National Immigration laws. Instead of recognizing U.S. Immigration laws already in place, he prefers  to re-write his own Immigration laws and shows blatant disdain for not only AZ SB1070, but the rising, and approaching 80% of legal Arizona citizens who are in favor of AZ SB1070.


5. Congressman Flake fought against our own Republican majority legislature in trying to dissuade them from passing SB1070 into law. When the U.S. Supreme Court justices announce their ruling re: SB1070 this summer, if their rulings uphold SB1070 (pundits both conservative and liberal are anticipating a 8-0 ruling in 'favor' of upholding SB1070,) then Congressman Flake will face further scrutiny of disregarding not only his own Congressional district constituents who have been heavily in 'favor' of SB1070, but he will now face the scrutiny of his actions among the entire voting contingency of Arizonans.


6. When first elected to Congress in 2000, one of then candidate, Mr. Flake's campaign PROMISES was a self-imposed 3 term limit for himself to his constituents. It is now the year, 2012. I'm sure you can do the math, and determine Congressman Flake's ethical standards for yourself.


7. Arizonans and the vast majority of Americans would concur we have very few U.S. Senators and Congressmen who believe 'high ethics and honesty' to be part of their job descriptions. With great respect, Sen. DeMint, I ask you to tell me whether you agree U.S. citizens deserve high ethics and honesty from their elected officials or not? If you agree Arizonans and U.S. citizens deserve representatives of high moral character, then why in the world would you support and endorse a candidate (Flake) who greatly is deficient in these moral characteristics?




Annette McHugh, Arizona resident

Republican Precinct Committeeperson, LD4

Republican State Delegate 2012

Arizona Conservative Activist and Member, Tea Party Patriots, Inc.



    permission to post form  ANNETTE McHUGH

In conjunction with this letter to DeMint, Annette has put Matt Kibbe and Dick Army of FreedomWorks on NOTICE for endorsing Jeff Flake under the banner of 'FreedomWorks TEA PARTY Leadership Group'.

There are suspicions concerning Kibbe, Army and DeMint that appears to be an alliance who may have actually managed to endorse Flake twice: once a year ago and again in the past few days. In any event we should all note that FreedomWorks is a pro-open borders/advocacy organization looking for political candidates that fit their ‘agenda’ where Jeff Flake passed their litmus test.

Annette requested the names of the ‘Leadership Group’ leadership and proper name of the group and tax filing status explaining NO TEA PARTY IN ARIZONA to her knowledge supports Jeff Flake.    


Thank you for your diligence McHugh

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