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I am Christopher Madison and I do not work for anyone in this Senate Race. Van (aka JPD) Lies!

I am Christopher Madison.  I live in the Phoenix area (I would have said where before the threats from Van and his surrogates) and I have nothing to do with the Cardon campaign.  I am a voter.  I have had a rich life without riches and I consider myself a Patriot and Tea Party member.  I have more experience in life (read: age) than I wish I had but am grateful for the lessons life has taught me and the grace God has given me. 

After posting an innocent blog after joining the Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots website, which has now become the most popular on the site, I am now the subject of fowl language and attacks.  All started by Van Stenwick through surrogates or fake names he uses for himself.  

I met Wil Cardon just a few days ago for the first time and was impressed despite having low expectations and believing some of Van's rhetoric.  After listening to him and Van and then watching an interaction with Van and others who questioned the veracity of Van's claims of being against Agenda 21, I have determined and now confirmed through this great web site than Van is a fraud and a liar.  He promotes himself through fake names and other websites with lies as well.

This Van guy is crazy and has Europeans and others attacking me because I called him out for his lies.  We need to rid ourselves of counterfeits like Van who will do anything to promote themselves, include call themselves Christian when they are the furtherest thing from Christ.

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Comment by Christopher Madison on July 1, 2012 at 10:03am

Yep.  Got a hold of a tar baby with VAn.  

Comment by silentwarrior on July 1, 2012 at 9:58am

Holy terd let it go man. Say your part and walk away. Seriously, if you say you have an experienced life then maybe you should walk away instead of keeping up this childish game going.
Politicians are professional liers and their followers are professional nuts!

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