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I found this blog and I just couldn't resist...and it's an Arizonan's blog...disheartening

My response:

Donkeys are definitely smarter than you!  (He had a donkey logo at the top of his blog)  It's very sad some Americans cannot see the snow job of the Marxist/Communists.  Those who really don't like America and all she stands for really ought to relocate to a country more suited to their Communistic beliefs!  Sheriff Joe is alleging Obama's birth certificate & selective service registration card are forgeries because they ARE FORGERIES!  The problem with Liberals/Marxist/Communists is they assume that others are as underhanded and dishonest as they are themselves.  They only believe what Left Wing kooks tell them.  Sheriff Joe and his posse has uncovered legitimate fraud and forgery in a totally corrupt, unscroupulous and unconstitutional adminstration which has hijacked the United States of America through deception, murder, voter fraud, coercion.  I could go on but I think you get my meaning.  Find your own country to destroy and leave the United States of America to those who actually love and appreciate it!  The problem with idiots like you is that you are gungho on the concept that Obama is shoveling, until, that is, you actually have to live in his full-fledged concept.  What kind of slave do you think you will be?  Once your freedom & liberty are lost, pal, they are gone forever!  Don't plan on living like you are living now, for it is not to be.  One day you will learn that you were conned and you will not be so pleased with yourself or the con job you fell for and defended so heartily!


What he said:


So Why Is Sheriff Arpaio Alleging Obama's Birth Certificate Is A Forgery?

By Michael Bryan

I'm not going to nitpick at the latest buffoonery from Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Plenty of folks are already doing that... and totally missing the point of Arpaio's actions. I'm going to explain the very rational motivations behind Arpaio's showmanship.

Arpaio clearly has two major motivations in this latest move:

1) to bolster his allegation that the DOJ is investigating his department as an act of political retaliation, i.e. "I exposed Obama's forgery, so he's out to get me before I can unmask his conspiracy." There was no truly compelling motive for the Obama Administration to go after Arpaio, so by making this sensationalistic charge, Arpaio creates a compelling story for anyone who is already inclined to dislike Obama, and isn't really paying attention beyond the latest headlines.

2) to bilk the idiots in the Tea Party and Birther camps (not that those are mutually exclusive...) out of money and gather a national data base of potential donors to his campaign and causes.

I'll explain all after the link...

Motive 1 is just dead obvious to anyone who thinks for minute like an Obama-derangement-syndrome infected ditto head. I know it hurts, and there is a potential for brain damage, but I willingly put myself in harm's way for you, Dear Readers.

It may not be obvious to your garden-variety hate-filled, know-nothing, Fox-informed Republican why the Obama Administration would be gunning for Sheriff Joe. The story line up until now from Arpaio is that his tough on immigration sheriffin' and support for Arizona's silly SB 1070 stunt are embarassing to Obama. Pretty squishy stuff, frankly.

But once the headlines hit the airwaves, newspapers, and internets that Arpaio is alleging that the President's birthcertificate was forged? Well, that makes a fine story indeed! Obama's sending his law-dogs at DOJ after poor Joe because he's got the goods that the President is a Kenyan communist infiltrator!

Brilliant political theater, I hate to admit. Lots of dumbasses will buy that. And vote to reelect brave, brave Arpaio.

The evidence for Motive 2 is all over Arpaio's media strategy.

First, he released this clap trap through World Net Daily, not traditional broadcast media. The "cold case" investigation itself is nothing but rehashing of the allegations about the certificate already made by Dr. Jerome Corsi, professional Obama-hater and publishing powerhouse.  The allegations in the report [PDF download link] released by Arpaio's "cold case" crew, have already been thoroughly debunked. Arpaio is just slapping his brand on the theory.

But none of that really matters. The allegations are technical enough, and plausible-sounding enough to anyone who is not a geek, that those who want to buy into it will find reasons to do so. All Arpaio needs is the immediate and loud media reaction to stick in people's minds, so when they think Arpaio, they think of Obama's birth certificate, too.

And to cap off the whole paranoia fest, the good folks at WND even figured out a way to get the untimely heart attack of Andrew Brietbart give the whole sh.... Brietbart's last investigation was of Obama, in cooperation with Sheriff Joe... and then he mysteriously dropped dead. I smell the ghost of Vince Foster... Professional douchebag Michael Savage is already intimating that Brietbart was assassinated.

How does creating all this fuss benefit Arpaio beyond creating the meme needed for Motive 1? By giving Sheriff Joe a freshly harvested mailing list of crazy fuckwads with more money than sense.

You want a copy of Arpaio's revelations? No problem. You can get one for free from the source, Just give them your contact info...

Screen Shot 2012-03-01 at 10.06.14 PM

Now why on earth might they need your postal code? So when they give the resulting list of idjits to Sheriff Joe he can email AND easily find their postal mailing addresses to send them fundraising letters.

Of course, also gets a great list to hawk to any wingnut outfit looking to make a buck off paranoia and racism. You would be floored to learn just how much such a fresh and verified list is worth.

Oh, and if you want to support Sheriff Joe's wonderful work unmasking the Keynian threat, you can send him a little lucre to help things along:

Screen Shot 2012-03-01 at 10.07.52 PM

You also get Dr. Jerome Corsi's wonderful e-book! Yay! And Corsi doesn't have to bother actually sending you a book, just a download. Pure profit! Yay! And some unspecified 'portion' of your contribution goes to good-ole Sheriff Joe's Cold Case Posse! Yay! How much I wonder? Doesn't say! Yay! Oh, and, of course, the link to contribute directly to Joe's CCP? Doesn't work. Yay! Fancy that...

Anyhow, Sheriff Joe gets what he wants: a major center of wingnuttery collecting a fresh mailing list of suckers, some unspecified 'portion' of the lucre, and a deeply implanted media meme (Motive 1) to fuel his re-election narrative while under investigation for all that pickin' on the brown folks that made him famous. and Dr. Jerome Corsi get what they want: hits, attention, prestige among the wackadoodles, and filthy, filthy lucre.

It's a win-win proposition, and a thoroughly clever grift.

The only people that lose are the poor folks of Maricopa County who may have to suffer another term with Asshat Arpaio as their Sheriff.

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Comment by Judy Eades on March 3, 2012 at 7:01am
Good for you Karen!

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