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Yesterday, I had a discussion with my mom, who still lives abroad, about free speech in America.Than I realized, what free speech? I finally came to terms that I can only speak freely about my opinions, religious and political affiliations when I am among those that share the same views. My mom opened my eyes to the truth. She was able to see things as an American and as an outsider and the conclusion was that there is no more freedom of speech in America. It is gone, kaput. I am constantly afraid of saying things among those that I don't know well and cause a revolution, or worse get killed. People are angry, very angry and to survive you are forced into taking sides and choose the "team" you going to play for, and stick with them so you don't get massacred. I am getting nauseated from the attacks, fights and arguments that has been going around either from the left or the right. The question is when are we going to stop all the useless babbling and start really doing something? We are destroying ourselves from within. 

I feel as though I was taken back to Brazil's military dictatorship when growing up, and I realize that America today is just as bad as Brazil was in my school days. I never dared to speak openly about the government, present solutions or God forbid give any input or solutions to problems, because the government was always "almighty" and knew better than the people themselves, what was best for them. And if you didn't like it, there was always the alternative: You would turn up dead somewhere, execution style.

I chose to move back to USA because I believed that freedom and right to happiness really existed. And it did for sometime... I look back to the America my mom grew up in and what America is now and I see no similarities.

If Dr King was alive he would say: I had a dream...

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