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This is what I sent:

Congressman Issa, This is to report FRAUD! U.S. citizens know a FRAUD is posing as POTUS, many have seen his “real” birth certificate from Kenya and the COLB Madlyn Payne Dunham signed in HI. U.S. citizens also know that Congress knows Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, is NOT a legal citizen! This info is spreading across the country like wildfire; American citizens are making sure of it! I know that you are working on the situation but will he be brought to justice before the guilty parties meet their goal and flush this country down the toilet? This is a powder keg waiting to explode. Congress is guilty of TREASON. Nancy Pelosi and Alice Germond fraudulently certified an unconstitutionally ineligible illegal alien, signing not one but two documents.  DNC attorney Joseph Sandler is also guilty. Even this country’s attorney general Eric Holder has his hand in this entire mess. All documents, including Obama’s Hawaiian COLB and his real birth certificate from Kenya which even includes his footprint are online! The American public also knows about his many Social Security numbers, especially the one that Michael Astrue asserts was never issued, yet it appears on legal documents under the names of Barack Hussein Obama “and” Harrison J. Bounel.  How is an illegal alien using a fake SS#, living in our White House, running our country, collecting taxpayer money?  And he hasn’t been audited by the IRS?  That shows the American people just how deep-seated corruption in our government really is. And where is Eric Holder in all of this? Arm in arm with Soetoro and guilty as all sin. Mr. Issa, We the People demand you remove this usurper from our White House.


I signed it: We the People


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