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Is Annette McHugh a McCain Tea Party Plant?


Why else would McCain ally, AZGOP Chairman Randy McPullen, outright dismiss, as presiding officer of the 2011 State Committee Statutory Meeting held January 22, 2011, a “POINT OF ORDER” made in good faith by a State Committeeman in good standing? McPullen waved the “POINT OF ORDER” off as if it was insignificant. A Point Of Order presented with cause by asking if it was permissible if someone who wasn’t an elected state committeeman could make a nomination from the floor.


Annette McCain, I mean McHugh, who is NOT a State Committeeman, nominated Thomas P. Morrissey for the Arizona GOP Chairmanship, in what appears to be a violation of applicable bylaws. Regardless of an actual rule infraction or not, the fact remains: a Point Of Order was voiced per continuing meeting rules to determine if an infraction occurred by McHugh’s nomination, and then- AZGOP Chair and presiding officer Randy Pullen CHOSE NOT to act upon the Point Of Order that HE ACKNOWLEDGED.


For everyone’s benefit in the future: concerning a Point Of Order raised from the floor under Roberts Rules; if the presiding officer doesn’t hear or acknowledge, and/or continues with the meeting, without addressing the motion, state the Point Of Order again (you are allowed to interrupt and/or speak over on a POINT OF ORDER) and upon a second from anyone, if the presiding officer continues to ignore the Point Of Order, the maker of the motion can put it to a vote standing in their place.   Just call it out.  The maker may also call for a vote to censure the presiding officer, as well as include MOTION to immediately REMOVE AND REPLACE THE PRESIDING OFFICER by vote of the body, in the event of similar continual behavior. No matter WHAT the game, it is their game, by their rules, so learn their rules, and play their game. 


So how did I come to ask this question, that of McHugh being a McCain Tea Party Plant? Does anyone doubt that McCain did all he could to assure Ubama was elected, by doing as little as possible to win? Does anyone doubt that McCain essentially forced Hayworth into the race? Does anyone doubt that McCain has it in for the grassroots movement? Do you doubt that McCain knew long ago Kyl was not going to run in 2012? What other reason would McCain need to continue applying his resources to shape the 2012 election? McCain and his style of GOP want the Tea party to be rendered ineffective and compromised, say for instance, with a Chairman like Thomas P. Morrissey.



Hayworth, an experienced campaigner, hamstrung his campaign very early on.  He almost immediately spent virtually all of his initial war chest by hiring staff and opening campaign offices. He just spent all those contributions, somehow seeming to think supporters in a down economy had more money to give.  "FIT TRUST” contributions paid off his Abramoff legal fees before the January 31, 2010 deadline, clearing the way for him to run.  So WHY would someone purposefully place themselves "behind the eight ball", after his alleged supporters contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to “Fit Trust” and then to his campaign?


Anyone curious about how many “Fit Trust” donors were nothing more than proxies for McCain, thereby assuring that McHayworth could get into the race? So, McCain didn’t have to face grassroots, Tea Party Activist, Citizen Candidate, Jimmy Lee Deakin Jr.?



Palin: McCain surely underestimated the ground swell she brought in. The roaring crowds, packed venues everywhere SHE ……… and HE went. The attacks on Palin from the left put McCain on notice that they were concerned, very concerned, a real threat. They didn’t want what she represented, i.e. the America once known to most of us.


Palin was so popular, such an energizer and firebrand, that McCain had to take her LIPSTICK away and neuter the “Pit Bull”, or she was going to carry him to a win. Palin was going to outright drag his scrawny, measly butt into the White House!


That wasn’t part of the plan. The question is, WHOSE PLAN WAS IT?


All McCain had to do was take Palin’s lead, and confront Ubama just a little.  Instead, McCain said Ubama was a decent man.  I remember the town hall he was at... the lady in the crowd pinned the tail on the donkey, but McCain cowered away, basically saying he had his marching orders...


McCain and crew sidelined Palin, put her on ice, and took her out of circulation, providing very little ACCESS, allowing her very little freedom, shut up, do as you’re told! It's great having a green running mate that can be suppressed.    


So one could say McCain experienced first hand, and before anyone else, the power of the down home common person, the rising up of homegrown citizens, YOU and ME, their…… OUR coming out.  GRASSROOTS, the catalysts for the Tea Party frame of mind movement, yet to come!  


McCain, with his front row seat(first person experience), and his machine, with his coming 2010 Senate election in two years, knew he couldn’t run against a peasant, a mere commoner such as Deakin, who registered to run against him January 7, 2009. After all,  McCain is a Progressive, and he knows these Constitutional rabble rousers would never put a progressive back in.


Yep, McCain had that gut feeling... ye ole elected ones be in trouble! They all knew, all the politicians knew, but they acted nonchalant for the most part, others a bit dismissive and still others were flippant.


McCain didn’t want the Presidency, he only wanted one more six year term to finalize his life’s work, to cross the aisle a few more times, as if putting the final stitches of his web together, just six more years. He knew his age, and the Presidency just piles the years on all the more. Besides, as Senator he has... Power, REAL Power, and as President he would have to walk away from that type of power, and submit to be hogtied by the machine. Palin was going to ruin it for him, ruin WHOEVER’s plan for Ubama, the plan for America, the plan McCain enabled. Ironic that McCain reminds me of Cain.


McCain and the tentacles of his machine; just what they are capable of all depends on how clandestine they can remain.  Any doubters as to what politicians will do to dupe their constituents, remember the Patriot Act and WHO VOTED FOR IT. One day they may all agree to pull the plug on our digital communications, and they have just the guy who will do it! Maybe this UN gun treaty will be the catalyst for THAT kind of change... 


If it had been just McCain and Deakin in the primary (which it was looking like for some time), who would have won?


McCain knew he couldn’t win against anything remotely grassroots. Palin, I mean the voters, taught him that. To even acknowledge Deakin’s existence would result in his loss, foiling his return for his last spin back and forth across the aisle. McCAIN needed a matched opponent, to focus the voter’s attention on him and his chosen opponent, and divert the agitated masses from their focus on replacing the old, tired game with something new. McCain needed someone with baggage, known to the voters, dumb and narcissistic enough to jump in, someone he could manipulate.  Enter J.D. McHayworth...



October, November 2009:  Wes McHarris, Ron McLudders and Lee McEarle all had their butts pretty well run out of GPTPP West Side (as well as the REAL original North Phoenix group) for pushing an "endorsement by Tea Party" agenda. They formed AZ2010 Project so they could vet and endorse candidates.  Well, ask them- how many of their picks won their elections in 2010?


Wes Harris and followers molested the North Valley Tea Party and ended up being ousted from there as well, then starting the “Original” North Phoenix McTea Party... but what's "original" about playing Second McFiddle?


Someone once told me that Wes Harris bragged(on a plane) that he was one of three McCain/Palin staffers that didn’t get fired mid campaign 2008, when McCain cleaned house. I would say, judging from McHarris’s behaviors from then till now, that he is a die hard McCain man, despite what he fronts.


By late summer/early fall 2009, Hayworth started talking it up about McCain on his radio show, about his (Hayworth’s) possible run against McCain.  Rob McHaney, Wes McHarris, Ron McLudders and other McCain operatives were whispering in JD Hayworth’s ear(and to his radio audience),  "we need you...  McCain must go... you can do it... we will back you... we will give you the Tea Party... they will be behind you...  you can do it...  do it, do it, DO IT... GO, JD...  GO JD, GO, GO, GO JD, GO, GO, UH HUH, ALRIGHT, OH YEAH, GO, GO, GO JD GO..."  probably in those same words, assuming of course, that they were employing their USUAL logic, insight, analysis, and classy rythmic style.  Saul Alinsky can be a pretty catchy tunesmith when you're not paying attention.


Finally, in mid December 2009, having had enough of Hayworth’s radio antics, Grant McWoods (another McCain guy) filed a FEC complaint that Hayworth was using the airwaves to explore a possible run against McCain. By mid- January 2010, the McCain camp made a complaint, and subsequently Hayworth left his radio show. McCain “muscled” Hayworth off the air, essentially taking away his living, and more or less forcing him right into the waiting arms of the 2010 Senate Race.


McCain got his opponent of choice to step up. Now all McCain had to do was to make sure his Tea Party operatives stayed engaged, and Hayworth was strung along with just enough contributions to keep him going.


Does anybody know who was standing behind McHayworth when he announced he was running, and then later, when he announced his 16 "Tea Party" endorsements (cough, ahem), or should we say TEA PERSON endorsements?





May 19, 2010, Annette McHugh(from out of nowhere), holds her inaugural meeting of the Tea Party Patriots of Glendale, at Borders Book Store on West Bell Road. I was there.  Lee McEarle was there, as McHugh was being mentored by the AZ2010 Project... namely,  WES HARRIS (a McCain man), Ludders, Earle and others.


In late June 2010, Annette McHugh left a comment on Kelly Townsend's(Co-Founder of Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots) page about her group, Tea Party Patriots of Glendale, wanting to become a group under Greater Phoenix’s umbrella. Townsend then passed it on, to fellow Co-Founder Les White. White was informed that McHugh’s group, in the time of its short existence, had already endorsed Charles Black for U.S. House Arizona District 2.  On this basis, the Greater Phoenix being committed to a non-endorsement course of action, McCain’s request...  I'm sorry, MCHUGH's request to join GPTPP was denied.


Right after being rejected by GPTPP, Annette McHugh stated on the Arizona Tea Party site, “I’m one of the Arizona State representatives for the National Tea Party Federation, which encourages Tea Parties to actively and publicly announce support and endorsements of political candidate’s they believe and promised to adhere to TEA Party foundational principles.”   


August 2, 2010:  McHayworth announces his 16 McTea Party endorsements, and issues a press release (by McHugh) to over 420 news agencies nationwide.  ONLY ONE news agency, the Canadian Free Press, picked it up.  I wonder if the Hayworth campaign realized at that point that they had outsmarted themselves, by smearing Deakin with his pending foreclosure leak the Friday before the presser?    


McHugh was also a member of ATPPA(Arizona Tea Party Patriots Association) which penned the letter attached below, dated August 13, 2010, that I appropriately titled “ATPPA: TEA PARTY Endorsements for Dummies.” (yep, just a bunch of TINO’s). My response at the time follows – it was posted up on Arizona Tea Party, but censored by Dianne Burnett. I was also removed from the ATPPA group... gotta love that free (political) speech!  



Moving forward now, to the AZGOP Chairman's Election. National Committeeman Bruce Ash (a McCain guy). McAsh had, in fact, through his company, been paying for the McRC office. (McHaney’s Office). It was decided in December, that Ash would go around as Rob McHaney’s man, A.K.A the GOP Tea Party candidate. The scheme is simple: smear everyone else in the race as McCain’s guy, then the week before the election, screw the TP and drop out. All the while, hoping that the TP would be stupid enough to do whatever McHaney says. (In other words, Ash was NEVER in it to win it).


On January 17, 2011 ASH (A.K.A. Rob McHaney’s Tea Party Poser) abruptly and suspiciously withdraws at the eleventh hour for “medical reasons”. Maricopa county Republican Committee (McRC) Chair Rob McHaney contacted then-Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriot (GPTPP) President Lynn Breyer, asking her who she recommended to replace Bruce Ash.  Breyer supported Haney for McRC Chair (ostensibly to make sure he didn’t run for AZGOP Chair). Breyer tossed the hat of said Thomas P. Morrissey into the ring.


For those that only blame GPTPP President Lynne Breyer completely for Morrissey, chew on this. Morrissey was just beaten out of the race for LD 20 chair by McCain’s campaign insider Anthony Miller. Rob Haney was at that election, voicing his undying love to Morrissey.


Breyer has admitted verbally that she was working hand in hand with McHaney, thus further tying the GPTPP to the GOP TP.


On January 18th Morrissey was called while on vacation, and told he was being put up for the AZGOP Chair.  In a March 3, 2011 meeting, Morrissey confirmed he had no idea until 3 days before the January 22 meeting that he was even being considered for the AZGOP Chair. (Q: did Morrissey have time to draft his “Mission Statement”, as forwarded to Sonoran Alliance by Dan Schultz on the 19th?)


January 19th Dan Schultz (die hard Republican Party), A.K.A. ColdWarrior (The Precinct McProject), announces Morrissey’s entry into the GOP Chairman race on Sonoran Alliance with an attached Vision Statement for the AZ GOP, supposedly by Morrissey, but which reads more like something McSchultz would write.  I could be wrong, but I doubt that Morrissey wrote it, he didn’t have the time. This announcement alone pins Schultz as a McCain operative. P.S. it was Dan McSchultz who was responsible for the Morrissey response to Morrissey’s ex wife’s  allegations of abuse and sexual dysfunction. 


January 19th Lynn Breyer (then President of GPTPP) sent a backdoor Morrissey endorsement email to State Committeemen and such that were known to her: she states within that Morrissey is a family friend... actually, he had been a client of Lynn’s husband for over 15 years, so if anyone would know Morrissey’s Tea Party status, it would be the Breyers - “he is a member of none.” (note: Lynn and Richard have been married for 5 years)




 ---------------------------- Original Message ----------------------------
From: "Lynne Breyer"
Date: Wed, January 19, 2011 6:07 pm
If you are a state committeeman, I want you to know that the new candidate, Tom Morrissey is a good friend of ours and he's a foe of McCain big time. One never knows, but I'm pretty confident that he will do a great job if elected. He's been very impressed by the tea party although he is a member of none.

>> End of email



January 21st :  Annette McHugh pens a “Morrissey IS TEA PARTY” endorsement after reading his VISION STATEMENT: “I took the time to evaluate the resumes’ and personal essays written by all the candidates vying for the state chair position. These resume’s and personal essays include all the information we need to make an informed decision, yet the rumors and fact less innuendo’s, and political rhetoric began to spread rapidly regarding practically all the candidate’s.”


Again: McHugh said “These resume’s and personal essays include all the information we need to make an informed decision.......” - how shallow can one be? Shallow enough to say "I’ll admit my historic lack of political savvy and knowledge until I attended my very first Tea Party rally on April 15, 2010." That's like saying, yesterday I couldn't spell Tea Party and today I R 1.


Is this the same vetting process employed by the AZ2010 Project etc. etc.? 


McHugh’s written endorsement(article) establishes that she is making decisions based on subjective emotions:  “I was looking for key words: ‘Arizona GOP and Tea Party unity’.” “I found these key words in a statement made by one candidate in which I believe, even without personally knowing this candidate, to be sincere, honest, and truly showed he understood the importance and sheer necessity in embracing ‘us’ (Constitutional conservatives, and members, identifiers with the Tea Party movement).”


Or was she (and her cohorts) preying upon the emotions of new Tea Party State Committeemen? McHugh’s nomination from the floor solidifies her shallow vetted endorsement via subjective projection, that McPullen adds credence to, by accepting the nomination, even in the face of a POINT OF ORDER.     


And that brings us full circle: why else would outgoing McCain guy Randy Pullen, AZGOP Chairman and officiate of the 2011 State Committee Statutory Meeting held January 22, 2011, REFUSE TO RECOGNIZE a “POINT OF ORDER”, voiced immediately upon witnessing a perceived rules INFRACTION? Specifically, a Point Of Order which called into question a non- State Committeeman, Annette McHugh, a Tea Party Infiltrator, who nominated fellow Tea Party Patriot Poser Thomas P. Morrissey for the Arizona GOP Chairmanship.


Because THEN they can blame it on the Tea Party for putting him in.   'NUF SAID!




............. that Annette McHugh, among others mentioned (and not mentioned), are working for McCain to discredit the Tea Parties in Arizona.   Morrissey is anything but Tea Party.


As always, I’m open to the opinions and corrections by others.





ATPPA: TEA PARTY Endorsements for Dummies

(This email was sent out Friday, August 13 2010 to ATPPA leaders.)

>>>>> email start

ATPPA: Arizona Tea Party Patriots Association


ATPPA VIP Member Site

ATPPA VIP Group Leaders - Very Important Patriots!

A message to all members of ATPPA VIP Member Site


Dear Patriots,

Please watch this video. It shows Jim Deakin on FOX News as the "TEA Party Candidate" stating that the "real" TEA Parties do not endorse implying that the TEA Parties that endorsed J.D. Hayworth are insignificant.

Please let me know if this angers you as much as it angers me. We have worked endless hours over the past 18 months defending the Constitution and our country. How dare this so called, "TEA Party Candidate" go on FOX News and state that the groups that are endorsing- are not "real". I disagree. In most cases the TEA Party groups do not endorse but many groups felt they had to let the public know where they stood in the senate race.

We have tried to be fair and encourage the TEA Party leaders to work together to support a candidate for the senate race. After Jim Deakin's comments, I cannot encourage anyone to join a group to support him. He has lied and slandered too many times to ignore. He and his followers tried to smear Annette McHugh and her TEA Party group because they endorsed J.D. Hayworth. Deakin lied about the Rasmussen Poll and said that he had 20% of the TEA Party support. Because he lied, Rasmussen did not even show him as a possible candidate in their last Poll. Deakin said he did not know his home was in foreclosure. Did he know he did not make his mortgage payments? Was running for senate more important than taking care of his family? Why?

If you are a leader of a TEA Party group that has not endorsed, please know that you can still endorse personally for a certain candidate. If you would like to be on a conference call tonight with other TEA Party Leaders to talk strategy and help J.D. with win the senate race; please let me know. You may email me at

If your group has not endorsed a candidate but would like to- please let me know.

Visit ATPPA VIP Member Site at:


MY RESPONSE as posted:


You should have tried listening to the video when you watch it, – better yet, didn’t you read the caption – “Tea Party Activist”. No you just got pissed off…..  half cocked and ran yourself into a wall.


Rasmussen didn’t poll Deakin, he was the paygo citizen candidate that never reported a $100K balance to the FEC. No one gets picked up by pollsters or the media below that threshold.


As for Annette McHugh, it was me that slammed her with the facts. And it was done before Hayworth announced his 16 Tea Party endorsements on August 2, 2010. Sour grapes as Henderson would say. You guys have sore butts because the Hayworth Tea Party endorsement press release (written by McHugh) that went to 400+ agencies netted one article in response, the Canadian Free Press. No one believed Hayworth was Tea Party. The Hayworth Radio Bubblehead’s cried for 2 weeks about the news media not picking the story up.


How could I have smear McHugh over the endorsements when I smeared her before August 2nd, and it was over her attempt to get her Glendale Tea Party Patriots Group, a group that endorsed under the umbrella of Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots.     


McHugh made her own bed with plenty of other sheets yet to be peal back which may explain her silence to date, Republicans playing victim, GOP Tea Party infiltrates at that.  


Question: what date did Annette McHugh and/or her Tea Party Patriots of Glendale announce TO THE PUBLIC their endorsement of Hayworth. Answer: Never - Hayworth announced it August 2, 2010.


Question: how could I have smeared Ms. McHugh for endorsing Hayworth when there was no endorsement at the time? Is there something that you knew during the time this was occurring that you are trying to tell us now?


Pam, interesting your infomercial approach: TEA PARTY LEADER - Endorsements for Dummies. Come one come all learn what we are not sharing with the rest of our Tea Party Leaders that we say we want “to work together to support a candidate for the senate race.” Now that’s transparency!


>>>>> end of response


Arizona Republican Party, Conservative Grass Roots get it right, it’s Grassroots – one word.


Tom Morrissey are you for real 


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Comment by Judy Eades on June 12, 2011 at 11:16am
Thanks JPD.  This and McLame's good ole boy tactics got him back in.  He immediately started showing his true colors again after the election.  When will we learn.
Comment by Karen Szatkowski on June 10, 2011 at 2:10pm
JPD, I learned a LOT from reading that!  WOW!  How corrupt it all is!  Love the picture of McBrainless!
Comment by JPD on June 9, 2011 at 9:41pm
Hit the news Sunday, was on GPTPP Senate blog late Friday.
Comment by DirtyOldMan on June 9, 2011 at 8:58pm

by smearing Deakin with his pending foreclosure leak the Friday before the presser?


Someone correct me if I am wrong but I believe they did it the DAY before?


Senate Candidate Deakin Loses Home; Hayworth
Won't Politicize Issue

8/1/2010 2:20:57 PM

U.S. Senate candidate
Jim Deakin (GOP) is
losing his home, and at least one rival will not criticize or politicize him for

Republican candidate J.D. Hayworth, the leading challenger to
incumbent John McCain, issued this statement on Deakin's situation today.
through spokesman Mark Sanders:

"This is obviously a difficult time for
Jim and his family as they face foreclosure on their home. While our campaign
has been asked to comment on this matter, we believe it is inappropriate to turn
this very personal matter into a political football and, therefore, we will have
no additional comment and will respect the privacy of Jim and his family. the date of complaint is 8/3/10 the day afte their bogus announcement. Hayworth sent out an official press release on Sunday the 1st and the bogus endorsement on the 2nd.

Comment by JPD on June 9, 2011 at 8:07pm

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