Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots

Patriot Groups throughout the Maricopa and North Pinal County area.

Is it thin in here? ... or is it just me?

To the few remaining:

Hardline Constitutionalism--As originally written and intended. W/o this, lawlessness will rage free--In gov and public. With it, all proper things are either required or made possible. -- Nothing less. Ever.
Take your less-than constitutional losses with your constitutional gains, and expect the street-level opposition to do the same--For reasons more similar than either side is trained to admit.

No to the desperate and ill-thought CoS efforts.
Supremes should have finally convinced you to not trust them... As your state reps and congress and media have.

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Comment by Joseph Brendel on March 19, 2016 at 5:22am

Who is 'James Mapes'?  I would wonder why all of the 'quotes'. Just wondering!!

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