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Moira Carney Says:

How about those of us who have taught cc or university offering classes for free via Tonatierra and getting the undocumented hs graduated prepared to clep out of a bunch of classes, and give them credit via a more reasonable on line university? I was talking to Tupac about this. Long term we could go for accreditaion, short term we could let the kids pay 10 a class, have volunter teacher until this state gets turned around.

 April 15 at 7:21

From this link you will find the one below.


Read: Min Mexico, Archives of Aztlan hell read as much as possible!
We must let our Representatives know that we are aware and they will honor their allegiance to the Citizens of The United States!

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Comment by SolitarySentry on May 2, 2011 at 11:04am


We are here and we are NOT going away !!!

They can call us FASCISTS and RASCISTS, and other OBSCENE NAMES !!

It will NOT deter us from our goals.

Thanks Moxie !!

Comment by Moxie on May 1, 2011 at 10:59am

What is wrong with this you ask? They are only trying to take back what is rightfully theirs from the greedy white man. Well first these are Equadorian people not American's, and that is fine, if they were talking about Northern America, The America's, and not The United States of America when they are marching, a yelling, and calling us every name they can remember they were told to call us. They are being lied to and they are being allowed by the government of our country to come onto our lands and spew this crap!

That is why as many of us as possible need to be attending any and all of their EVIL based events. The one today at Margaret T Hance Deck park for instance.


The group I linked on here will take you to more links where you will see how the Marxist/Communist pigs have construed their Agenda to the indigenous people of The America's, ie Argentina, and Equador, to believe that they should have all the land.

Meanwhile inviting the Mexican's from South of the border to uprise, also construing the truth of their Agenda to them for decades now, yes decades they have been working on this for a very long time. You must breed this ideology is what they learned!

These people now believe that somehow they are of Aztec descent not Spaniard! They do not even know their true heritage. The same people they rally along side of, ie Equadorians, are the same people the Mexican government treats like slaves in that country!

It is the Spaniard descent of lighter skinned Mexicans that rule that country! And they rule it with an Iron Fist.

Mexico's government is a vile, crappy people and has sided with all of our enemies in the past, like little rats, hoping to see us destroyed. Mostly due to the money they owe.

Cinco De Mayo bull crap celebration, how many of you know where it truly comes from?

Well let me tell you a little diddy bout France, Britain, Spain and Mexico. From 1846 to 1858 Mexico was at war and it left them broke so they decided to stop making payments on their loans to these countries. Well in 1861 they all got on their big ships and came on down to blow a little enlightment up Benito Juarez's behind, Mexico's president at that time. Anyway Britain and Spain worked out a little deal with Juarez and went home, but Napoleon, never one to let a good crisis go to waste decided differently. He thought maybe he would like to establish a 'Lil Latin' in Mexico so he got his 8,000 strong Army and attacked Veracruz. The Mexican Army was not as strong consisting of only 4,000. Long story short they whooped on Napoleon's Army and the rest is history. See this was all over an an extension on a loan and the creditor was trying to foreclose in the worst way.

So it is not a Mexican holiday, it is not Mexican Independence Day like many, mostly young Mexican's believe it is. It is a date to commemorate a battle won, and nothing more.

Again the Socialist/Progressive ideology was catering to the dialectic Agenda of the Marxist/Communist pigs!

Comment by Moxie on May 1, 2011 at 10:31am

Righteous Conservative, I ask that you read, I know I made that clear. You are correct that Moira Carney and does 'THINK' she is representing the indigenous people, "Forgive them Father for they know not what they do." However your point about the communist and other groups falsely portraying themselves as the great hope is a correct and exact statement. If it is a few examples you need then I will oblige.

"We assume responsibility for present historical period, determined to realize the reconstitution of our Indigenous Peoples and the refounding of the Plurinational State of Mexico under a new Constitutionality, with full inclusion, effective, real and definitive in respect to Indigenous Peoples and with recognition of the pluralism and cultural diversity that expresses the genuine unity in diversity of Mexican society."

This is from this site under the min mexico tab. Now when I first started reading I thought, "well this is only supporting the indigenous people" but then I began to pick out certain words, something I have learned in my educational studies, Brad Zinn, and my experience since I joined the Tea Party, and watching the "dupes" at the Capitol.

Example word: CONAIE- Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Equador.


The plurinacional state is:

Plural: Respects and encourages the socio-cultural diversity of the population of Ecuador. Redistributive: The state tries to distribute the national income in a more just way than before. The wealth will no longer be possessed only by a few people. It will be distributed to the sectors most in need. Anti-bureaucratic: The state reduces its bureaucracy in order to get it's actions more dynamic and efficient. This also leads to less corruption. Democratic Defends the Solidarity: The state is in favour of mutual help and responsibility and cooperation between individuals and groups that have different cultural and socio-economical backgrounds.

In order to function, the plurinational state needs to develop the following characteristics:

Autonomy: In addition to decentralization, the state needs to encourage the economical development and autodetermination of the Indigenous territories and regions of the Afroecuadorians. This, however, does not mean "states within states". Sustainability: The state has to manage the natural resources reasonably; considering the future generations and both ecological and economical viability of the country. Equality: State has to make certain that the national income and wealth is being produced and distributed in a just way. Diversity: The state has to strengthen peoples and nationalities' cultural identity and their way of organizing socially and economically. However, the state has to simultaneous guarantee the unity on national level. This is reached by an intercultural dialogue between the people and nationalities that form the Ecuadorian society.

The plurinational state also guarantees some specific rights to the Indigenous nationalities (and other minorities):

In order to make historical and moral compensation, the plurinational state is obliged to produce a frame of specific guarantees for those historically excluded. From the CONAIE's viewpoint, this only strengthens "the unity in diversity". The "Indigenous right" (derecho indígena) has to be adapted in the normative practice of the law. The Indigenous people have a right to express their identity on their own language. The official languages of plurinational Ecuador are Spanish and Quechua (Kichwa). The other Indigenous languages are official in the areas where they are spoken. The Indigenous people have a right to have and further develop the bilingual education. The Indigenous people (and other minorities) have a right to their land.



Comment by Art and Edwina Olivas on May 1, 2011 at 9:41am
If any body has been paying atention to my bolgs and to the Latino page. This info has been out there for along time!!! Thankyou MOXIE!! Maybe they will listen to you. Sure as hell no body is paying atention to me. Arthur Olivas ELTUDY MEXICAN BANDIT. OH YES  MECHA AND LA RAZA are out there to. Sad part is that they are funded by or tax dollars.   

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