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Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery Endorses Jeff Flake for Senate.

I would never have suspected in a million years… and I guess the majority of Bill Montgomery’s campaign volunteers wouldn’t have either, that Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery Endorses Jeff Flake for Senate.


Actually, it shouldn’t be a surprise, as Montgomery is known for endorsing politicians with a liberal slant.   In fact, Montgomery seems to have issues with stalwart constitutional conservatives, evident by a conversation he had back in 2010, with a liberal Maricopa County Supervisor who taped it, where Montgomery bad mouthed Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and others.  


So if Montgomery has offended any of his volunteer NOMINATION PETITION CIRCULATORS – GET OVER IT – grow some hide.


Hey petition circulators for Bill Montgomery, what do you think……………….. impeccable timing?


Yeah, let’s vote him back in, we can use some more of the same, right?


Montgomery, great job, your endorsement of Jeff Flake is best describedby Reagan.   So with that on the table, one can only imagine what Montgomery’s campaign volunteers are thinking about their candidate jumping from closed borders to a comprehensive immigration – open border McFlake, McRomney, McMcCain etc………… position.


Montgomery said in his endorsement, “Flake understands the consequences of federal inaction and what law enforcement needs to do to deal to with it.” First, just because he understands the consequences, which is a very recent and convenient position,Flakes’ congressional record over the past 11 years speaks differently.   Or did I misread what Montgomery (an attorney) is saying?   Both know “the consequences” and what “law enforcement needs to do”.   Are they saying they, AS LAW MAKERS, need to change the laws to achieve their(apparently) agreed upon agenda?


Sounds like more of that “ENDS JUSTIFY THE MEANS” thing………..?


Seeing as Montgomery is running unopposed in the primary, all he needs is one vote to win, that being HIS OWN VOTE.

Send a clear message…..


vote the lesser of TWO EVILS in the general, like the RINOS put up all the time,

maybe he’ll win


Listen up ELECTED OFFICIALS, we elect you to represent our agenda – not to push yours –YOU WORK FOR US!   Yes we expect, and allow, a certain amount of discretion on your part in representing us.   BUT when we say ‘close the borders’ we don’t mean lock the front door and leave the back door swinging with all the windows open, like “amnesty Flake” continues to stump for on his Senate campaign.


What in the world would possess Montgomery to endorse what he has(?) opposed, that which goes against the constitutional conservative principles that got him elected?   How can he consciously state that “Flake understands the consequences of federal inaction and what law enforcement needs to do to deal to with it.”, when it’s obvious that Montgomery doesn’t understand the consequences of his own actions by endorsing McFlake?  Perhaps he just sold his soul to the McCain Machine so it will all be taken care of.

Is Bill Montgomery laying the “ground work” as Flake did,

buying into the GOP/McCain Machine, the

Multi-Level Marketing aka Political Ponzi Scheme?

Bill Montgomery, by endorsing McFlake you endorse this:

Lou Dobbs Tonight – 03.28.07 – Bilbray & Flake on STRIVE Act (as does Senator Jim DeMint.)

YOU also endorsed H.R. 3523 112th Congress 2d Session (Better known under its common name of CISPA)

U.S. House Representative Jeffery Lane Flake  voted “YES” as did  Trent Franks and Ben Quayle. Seems the establishment has been legislating protection of themselves, from us, WE THE PEOPLE.

Going back to the 2010 (Montgomery) tape thing, review everything you can find. For Arpaio to give Montgomery’s campaign $700,000 and blow off the backstabs, one must ask… who knew what, when, about who was doing what?

Gee, a dilemma we have to sort out…   is Montgomery the “pimp” or the “prostitute”?

And when can we expect Arpaio to endorse Flake considering he endorsed “amnesty” Romney in 08, and “pay their college tuition” Perry in 12.

Surely McFlake’s 2012 endorsement of Romney will weigh in, and considering Arpaio has signed McFlake’s U.S. Senate 2012 Partisan Nominating Petition.

But where is the Machine Man McCain, where is his endorsement of Flake?  Fact is, if McCain endorsed Flake, it would be the kiss of death, on top of the rejection Flake is currently experiencing state wide.

Read the ‘ground work” link above real carefully, if anyone knows the connection between Flake and McCain, it’s Nowicki.   On Nowicki's Arizona Republic bio he fails to include what is on his Linkedin bio: Specialties, Arizona politics, presidential and congressional reporting, John McCainand Gabrielle Giffords coverage (if it goes away I have a screen shots and pdf’s).

In the 2007 Pig Book Press Conference Transcript, Mar 7, 2007, by Citizens Against Government Waste, Tom Schatz makes the connection between McCain and Flake in the second and fifth paragraphs.   It’s the slight, unassuming comments at times, that reveal more than they are intended to.

Schatz highlighted that McCain and Flake ‘forged’ the path in leading the anti-earmarkers in their respective chambers.   That they both “have had legislation for some time” in their respective chambers that would expose the issue.

Here are video links to the 2007 Pig Book Press Conference.   Flake’s video here(listen closely at 00:25), where Flake simply says, “I’ve always appreciated that, the encouragement from him”.   This comment means they (McCain/Flake) are in concert, that they talk, probably frequently.

Watch McCain’s video statement – not a peep about Flake; so well-disciplined, isn’t he?

Back to the “ground work" link:

From the title,  “Conservatives look to Flake to rescue GOP” to the first sentence, “Jeff Flake is positioning himself as Arizona’s Republican maverick for the future.”,  to the last paragraph and in between,  Nowicki clearly highlights that there is little to no difference between Jeff Flake and John McCain, on a majority of issues.

More notably, Nowicki establishes the fact that McCain and Flake are consciously working together:

* “They have teamed up on McCain’s long crusade to end the murky budget process known as earmarking, and they have united in the bipartisan push to revamp U.S. immigration policy.”

* “Flake has grown closer to McCain and is a loyal ally of the 2008 presidential candidate on priorities such as comprehensive immigration reform and in the battle against pork-barrel politics.”

* “Flake from the start of his congressional career displayed not only an independent streak reminiscent of McCain’s but also similar reformist tendencies.”

* “It also didn’t take Flake long to learn from McCain’s example that there is always media demand for a Republican who takes on his own party’s leaders.”

(So where IS McCain’s endorsment of McFlake?)

Does this two pronged attack on a single issue of “EARMARK’s” from the House and Senate occur as an anomaly?

Question: At what length are politicians willing to maintain the public perception of their disassociation?

Answer: they will go to any length until it comes to money, and support(and endorsements), once again, review the above link, “best described by Reagan.”

Montgomery, you endorse this behavior.

We have, at this moment in time, witnessed Montgomery's metamorphosis into a self-serving politician! A RINO, evidinced by looking back at all the liberal politicians you endorsed, going how far back  – do your own research people,  DO NOT TAKE MY WORD FOR ANYTHING,  go look at his history.

So McMcCain is the Earmark KING, and McLite McFlake the Earmark QUEEN ……… any questions, any doubts?

Jeff Flake perfects McCain impersonation

MONTGROMEY, you endorsed this - you own it PAL!


(hyperlinks in order as they appear in text)

Endorses Jeff Flake
Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery Endorses Jeff Flake for Senate


best described
Ronald Reagan – “Politics is supposed to be the second oldest profession…”


very recent and convenient position,
Senator Jeff Flake?


ground work
Conservatives look to Flake to rescue GOP


Lou Dobbs Tonight – 03.28.07 – Bilbray & Flake on STRIVE Act


Senator Jim DeMint
Rep. Jeff Flake wins backing of conservative kingmaker Jim DeMint in Arizona Senate race


H.R. 3523 112th Congress 2d Session


pimp” or the “prostitute
Political Prostitution


Arizona Republic bio
azdc’s Profile Dan Nowicki


Dan Nowicki  National Political Reporter at The Arizona Republic: Linkedin


2007 Pig Book Press Conference Transcript,
2007 Pig Book Press Conference Transcript


2007 Pig Book – Rep. Jeff Flake: YouTube


best described by Reagan
Ronald Reagan – “Politics is supposed to be the second oldest profession…”

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Comment by DirtyOldMan on May 8, 2012 at 10:10am

Sorry, but I do not see any 50 year olds playng in the NFL. There are some positions of authority that requires a sharp mind. I have spoke to joe at least 7 times and each time he told me the same old stories. I had to direct the old man to the podium once and believe me, he was confused that day. Just saying we need some fresh meat in the office. One that can multi task.

Comment by JPD on May 5, 2012 at 8:11pm

I don't see and have not heard of any takers to replace Joe, besides taking into account all the issues DirtyOldMan brings up, Joe is still the man for me - unless he endorses Flake where he will own Flakes record, than I’m done with him. I was hesitant to mention his past endorsements and $ support to Montgomer(y) but not saying so would make me remise and he needed to be reminded that we are watching. I do agree that Joe needs to name his replacement so he can stay on as an advisor. Perhaps Joe has that plan in mind, he’s ready but nothing says he can’t bring up a confidant in the department with that purpose in mind for the next (next) election. 

Eighty years old, age discrimination perhaps - how old do you think Art is? Art has more energy than most 30 year olds and the way he exercises his lungs he’s going to be around for a long time. Besides who would replace ART? Joe’s replaceable, but is ART and his crew, who has the balls?     

Comment by DirtyOldMan on May 5, 2012 at 7:26pm

Sometimes I wish those who are blogging their love and support for Arapaio to really stop and take a look at who he really aligns himself with. Personallly with all the BS and waste Maricopa County Tax Dollars on bogus lawsuits, I think it is time for Arpaio to come out with his replacement himself. Someone who will continue to arrest the illegals, but can also run the Sheriff's office. I really believe the old guy is losing it. He is close to 80 years old. He has had people taping his meetings, without his knowledge, Has "accidently" used 1 MILLION of our tax dollars incorrectly, along with his buddy Thomas, gave Mary Rose Wilcox nearly another 1 Million dollars, (unless the county treasurer can stop it. Come on Sherriff name your replacement, one who will be a better steward than you are, that is still tough on immigration. If you can't think of one, well how about Art O.

Comment by DirtyOldMan on May 5, 2012 at 7:18pm

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