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It's not too soon to be thinking about the City of Phoenix mayoral election.  The election will be held on August 30, 2011.


Uber liberal Mayor Phil "Flash" Gordon has been a national embarrassment to the residents of Phoenix. He has established tax-supported "day labor" centers for illegal aliens, made Phoenix a "sanctuary city", been an outspoken opponent of SB1070, made outlandish accusations against Sheriff Arpaio, and groveled before Washington bureaucrats begging for stimulus money.  Phoenix is a relatively conservative city, and Gordon liberalism is diametrically opposed to the political philosophy of most Phoenix residents.


In the past, no one but an unknown "community activist" has run against Gordon.  This year it's imperative that we unload this pro-illegal alien, anti-police liberal.  Hopefully, the Tea Party leadership can find a viable conservative candidate to run against Gordon - perhaps a retired police officer or firefighter.


If a decent candidate can be found, I urge all Tea Party members to work to see that he or she can be elected and, of course, to VOTE.

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Comment by JPD on January 17, 2011 at 8:02am
Gary Whalen - a numbers man! Citizen Candidate!


Comment by Gary Whalen on December 16, 2010 at 5:24pm
Yep. I am a PC. I will try to take my lunch break around the time of Deer Valley TP's friday meeting. I am a PC in the Blackhawk Precinct. Yes I am a Republican. Always a republican.

Yes I had a goatee. Maybe it will help if I send in an old picture.

I am very quiet (not usual for a politician), but my beliefs have always been strong.

I studied to be a Catholic Priest in the Legionaries of Christ just out of High School. I went to Cortez High. Graduated in 1987. Im 42 years old. I have participated in a lot of the SB1070 rallies. I have attended the meeting at the airport restaurant, but I usually just keep to myself. I live in a small house near 31st ave and Rose Garden. Every one of my brothers and sisters graduated from Cortez as well.

I'm not looking for fame with becoming a politician. I am just looking to replace Thelda Williams with someone that won't break the law and spend money on things that are not constitutional or needed. The no-bid contracts piss me off every time it happens.

I will do the best I can to attend Friday's meeting.

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