I have to agree that there may be some funny stuff going on with the AZ Tea Party (state site) administrators which we shall see in time if it is so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As for myself concerning the discussions in the AZ Tea Party site that are negative or so some claim, they need to grow some hide because it’s just starting.


So I ask again, are we going to make a stand and tell the rest of the United States of America that Palin backing McCain as a return favor is nothing more than politics as usual based on the good old boy system?

We need to start making signs now and be prepared to protest McCain and more so Palin at every stop they make in Arizona so Palin and every other politician gets the message. As for the Palin supporters out there, sorry, she is making her own bed to lie in.

Are we going to tell our fellow Patriots across the land that we in Arizona are done with McCain, that McCain does not represent us? That Palin is wrong in assuming its ok to pay favors back against one’s professed standards? Palin does not have the same values as McCain – what’s wrong with her?

Or should we protest McCain in Palin’ presence where Palin will surely be questioned as a Fox News Contributor as to what happened in Arizona?

Also, are we going to express the fact that our memories are long and the ‘we have done everything we could have done to stop or slow down the Health Care Bill’ Kyl is next in 2012?

As for me and what we the Tea Party Patriots are doing, I’m fine with all the talk and speculation about the GOP taking over the Tea Parties, I’m fine with all the talk about infighting and turmoil within, I don’t care what they think as in the end we win.

The Tea Party is the citizenry, members and non members who are in the process of taking back an established party from the bottom up just as we the people are going to reestablish sound patriotic curriculum ‘CIVICS’ in our primary schools.

If the right stays polite we are doomed!

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Comment by JOHN DELASAUX on February 5, 2010 at 10:46pm
McCain has overstayed his welcome. He is too wishy-washy on issues, and he loves to tinker with the power structure and run things from behind the scenes.

Palin doesn't owe McCain anything now. She has her own future to build, and she would do well to hold to a true course and not allow herself to be "used" by McCain any more.

McCain is a bad compaigner. He tries too hard to make buddies with all sides, and ends up not really satisfying anyone.

Palin has a future. McCain doesn't, and if she comes in here an messes around, she will only hurt herself. And, she can't help McCain anyway -- he is done.
Comment by chris gonzales on January 31, 2010 at 10:52am
JPD, Palin coming here in support of Mclame is a very bad idea for her future. I hope she wakes up and smells the coffee. We can no longer afford McCains progressive agenda either.
Comment by Judy Eades on January 30, 2010 at 11:26pm
We're very disappointed that Palin is coming here to back McCain and we e-mailed and told her so. Almost everyone blogging on the Tea Party sites say McCain is essentially... DONE. So, I don't think it would matter if the Pope himself came out to back McCain.
I have heard that Jim Deakin has been all over this state but I haven't heard who his campaign manager is. He needs to go to all events and meet the people, speak at the different clubs, American Legion, Moose Lodge, VFW...all different organizations. His campaign manager needs to be like his conscience and get him out there every day of the week. Don't sling mud like the others do...instead, stick strongly to the issues and be consistent. And, above all, pray every day and ask for the Lord's help.
Comment by Karen Szatkowski on January 30, 2010 at 2:20pm
If the right stays polite we are doomed!
That is exactly right, JPD! Personally, I plan on checking out EVERY person who plans on running for ANYTHING, and perhaps even sending them an email asking them it they believe in the Progressive movment or the Constitution. Let her come and just protest her! I don't think emails will prevent her from coming or from backing McCain and can't our energy be spent more wisely in efforts to bolster Jim Deakin's campaign and getting his message out to the public? Just a thought.
Comment by Charles McCain on January 30, 2010 at 1:06pm
Thanks JPD, I sent Palin an e-mail, suggesting she reconsider her visit to Az., if she is here to support McCain. That was a week ago. Maybe we should post a poll, asking the tea party what they think of her visit as a whole. If the opposition is strong, the GPTPP can send her a message. is she out of her mind?

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