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McCAIN'S BAIT-AND-SWITCH: Left-Over Cash For Presidential Run Spent on Senate Bid




Left-Over Cash For Presidential Run Spent on Senate Bid

Phoenix, AZ (JULY 26) - In a classic bait-and-switch, Sen. John McCain
spent millions of dollars he collected for his unsuccessful Presidential
campaign on his current campaign for Senate.

"This money was given to McCain to fight the liberal Obama, not to
attack me, the consistent conservative," U.S. Senate Candidate J.D.
Hayworth (R-AZ).

According to his campaign finance reports, McCain transferred a whopping $4.65 million in Presidential money to his Senate race.

"This is the man who once championed campaign finance reform, who wanted
to clean up politics, who said this money corrupts everyone who takes
it," Hayworth said. "But the rules don't apply to him. It's
bait-and-switch at its worse."

The money originally went to the McCain-Palin Compliance Fund which was
created to get around campaign finance laws. Because McCain agreed to
accept public financing for his general-election campaign, he used a
loophole in the law to create the Fund.

"Money that was supposed to be spent keeping Obama out of office
represents about one-third of the total amount McCain spent on his
campaign so far," Hayworth said. "Maybe if he had spent the money on the
Presidential campaign he would be President, but the downside is we
would already have amnesty for illegal aliens."

Hayworth said it was shameful for McCain to abandon his once core belief that big money in a campaign upsets the playing field.

"It's just the latest flip-flop in this campaign," he said. "From the
Bush tax cuts, to cap and trade, to building the fence along the border,
to amnesty and now to campaign finance reform, John has sold his soul
for the chance at six more years in the Senate."

The Hayworth campaign released a new bait-and-switch web ad. To see it CLICK THE LINK BELOW:

"Voters will see through this shape-shifter and reject this man who was a
war hero and respected statesman and now is little more than a shell of
himself," he said.

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