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What If A Third Party Wasn't A "Third Party"?

I’ve often called for the formation of a party to replace the GOP for reasons discussed many times, so for purposes of this discussion, I’ll omit them for the most part.

We’ve found ourselves, as conservatives, to be without a party, for all practical purposes. As I write, it’s getting worse. There’s a growing impatience and a growing sense among us that the GOP will not ever get us out of this mess. We’re looking for solutions and it's clear that the GOP leadership is not looking for solutions -- at least not in a way that's acceptable to any of us. And why shouldn’t there be impatience? It’s been 24 years since Ronald Reagan left office and since then, we’ve only seen glimmers of conservative leadership and action in congress and the White House. Our own party has even tried to muzzle us and obliterate our candidates.

In surveying the situation, working within the party seems like a waste of time. Others say that’s nuts, that third parties always fail. They point to the Libertarians and others who have never really gotten off the ground, saying that the same thing will happen to us. Then they say that we’ll split the vote. Well, as it turns out, what difference does it make if we split the vote? Look what we have without a third party and without a split vote! Then, there's the question of Boehner. Would replacing him change everything, or would it only be a band-aid? Newt Gingrich rose and then disappeared in the GOP. Newt would not have disappeared in a party run by conservatives.

Putting the counter-arguments aside, what if we could form a viable party within a year? Here’s another question: Does anyone reading this believe that the past equals the future? I don’t. Does anyone remember pay phones? How about the Apple II computer and floppy disk drives? For starters, there are far more conservative Republicans than there are Libertarians. Their website proclaims 250,000 registered Libertarians ( According to Pew Research ( 68% of voters identifying themselves as Republicans call themselves “conservatives” and there are approximately 55 million registered Republican voters ( Doing the math, that’s 37,400,000 conservatives. 37,400,000 voters -- or more -- who are sick about how Republicans in Washington are behaving.

Ladies and Gentlemen, do you think we might have something to work with here? We don’t have a voice in Washington and we’ve permitted a handful of quasi-Democrats called "the Republican Establishment" to run our show. It’s time to run our own show!

For current assets we have many networks, for example, this web-based organization. There are many, many of us here. I get thousands of people reading what I write in various places. So do the other people writing in their blogs. Communication today is nearly instant nationwide, nearly cost-free and we’ve got a big number of pretty bright people right here and on many other networks, representing all the states. How long would it take to reach and organize the people in our respective states? Then there are all the other tea parties and all the other blogs. We are, far, far from alone and because we have not yet unified, we don’t know how big our numbers really are. I believe they are seriously large, as the number above would suggest. So again, why allow this minority, the so-called “establishment” to determine our fortunes? I say, let them come to us.

We all know people who are just as conservative as we are, who don’t get involved in these networks or Tea Party activity. They’re busy running their lives, have small children, three jobs – whatever – but they are interested. And most of them are not pleased with what’s happening. If we told them there was a new party and that it would represent all the core conservative points that are currently being trashed, are they going to say “I think I’ll stay with the GOP. They’re doing fine.”? I don’t think so! We could get agreement among hundreds of thousands, or millions of Republicans on a conservative agenda in a heartbeat with the communication abilities we have at our immediate disposal. We could do that by merely emphasizing the main points of conservatism. Another thing is that, as we form, we can still vote for Republicans, should it ever by necessary. If we don’t have a viable candidate for this or that state or federal office, there’s no reason we can’t vote for the GOP guy.

I believe that we could form a party in record time, gain a few sitting members of congress to join it and get candidates elected in 2014. I also believe that most of the nominal members of the Republican Party would come over to our party for reasons stated. In short, I’m betting that we would not be a third party at all and for the time it lasts, the GOP would be the “third party”.

Jeff Dover
December 14, 2012

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