Come Join me as I take you for a roller coaster ride through a web of lies, deceit, sabotage corruption and plots. Adventure with me as a man named "Zodiac" attempts to unite America, Canada and Mexico into one nation, one government and one economy. Read along as President Reynolds and Washington DC, play along with this plot, as they slowly put a strangle hold on America and the American People. Only to reshape and change her to a new social order, an America like we have never seen before. Travel with me to Arizona and Mexico, as the Drug Cartels and the Mexican Government have different idea's for their insurgence into the Southwest and their dream of the mystical place of Aztlan. Develop a love-hate relationship for a group of mercenaries that get caught in the web of deceit and lies. Feel their pain as they are betrayed, killed and tortured, too only fight back and inflict their vengeance.

I hope you will enjoy my series of books called "Government of Wolves" and read Book #1,  You will find it on my website at,

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