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Hey All.. I need some help (or I should say that my brother does).. Here is the problem.. He lost his driving licence in the state of North Carolina back in 1996 for of all things nothing more than speeding tickets and no insurance (these were back when he was under the age of 25)... WE have been trying for the last 4 years to get his licence restored so that he can become a legal law abiding citzen here in Arizona where we have lived since 2000.. We have paid the fines (in both states).. written letters to members of Congress(both state and federal), the Department of Motor Vechicles in both states, Govenors in both states and really none of this has helped... Only thing that was last year the DMV told him that IF nothing else showed that this year he would be able to get his licence restored.. NOW..all of a sudden shows up a supposed ticket for a DUI (which my brother NEVER had) issued back in 1993 in a county where 95% of his tickets were.. (let me also say that when this ticket was supposedly issued that my brother was serving the US Navy (well he was in boot camp)this "charge" was not there when the lawyer searched and has not been on any other prior copy of NOW they will not give him his licence..He has jumped through every hoop that they have asked him to jump through even to include the driving record of 4 of his friends...

Let me say that the state of NC will issue you a ticket for driving a mere 1 mile over the speed limit (as I have gotten several of those when I lived in NC).. so this is nothing new but for someone who has neither killed or ever been these seem like real drastic extremes...


Can any of you TP people help us figure out what to do next or give me some suggestions. I NEED my brother to be able to drive because I am disabled at this point and will not be able to drive much longer.  We have jumped through enough hoops and if in the past 18 years this issue has NEVER seen the light of day before how is it that it is surfacing now???  I mean 2 years ago even last year it was not there and yet now it is.. I don't know of any other people we can contact or how else to get this resolved.. We have both lived here since 2000 (he came out in Jan and I in Sept.) Neither of us have any intent on returning to NC and even the attorney we have back there has said that it is bogus..

I appreciate your help and I know that this may not be the proper forum for this but...


Sandy Anderson

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Comment by Sandra(Sandy) Anderson on January 30, 2011 at 3:30pm
thanks for all the info JPD I know that this being the weekend that there isn't much more we can do.... thank u again..
Comment by JPD on January 30, 2011 at 12:42pm
Oh you have an attorney, how about a scam form the attorney?

Attorney’s like our elected officials police themselves from within by their peers, cesspits both. For certain he will produce another billing.
Comment by JPD on January 30, 2011 at 12:37pm
Hard to tell, identity theft, wrong coding, pissed off a police or court officer. Check for identity theft. If he has been filling taxes all this time the issue would have presented itself via the IRS.

In any event you will be primarily dealing with the state of record where the DUI occurred to clear up that record. Then Arizona under the Driver License Compact: Arizona will not budge.

I’m sure you have been over all this.

You said your brother was in boot camp on the date of the DUI. Try using his DD 214 that establishes his dates of military service (using reasoning) and use the following links to get started: North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) Division of Motor Vehicles, identity theft.

Be brief and concise with your communications. Just the facts and include any concerns with urgency as in your need for him to transport you. Being brief, if they want clarification they will ask for it.

When making phone calls, don’t be discourage if one person doesn’t know. Call the next day as you will most likely get someone different that may know something. Reword your verbal request as well. Keep searching state phone directories for new numbers. Go through the main phone number, the operator, they may transfer you to a number of a supervisor or such, someone higher up the food chain.

Once you get the originating state record cleared up and you have documentation, original notarized. Request a hearing with the Arizona Department of Transportation, Executive Hearing Office Be aware that the Executive Hearing Office can be difficult to deal with. I have some contact numbers and an address somewhere that I need to find for you that with correct documentation in hand they can clear his Arizona Driving Record in short order.

I’ll send it to you when I find it.
Comment by Sandra(Sandy) Anderson on January 30, 2011 at 11:49am

thanks.. we are trying to find his papers.. He has id theft protection already... we actually think that this is just some kind of scam from the goverment to keep the licence for another hoop to jump... he left message for the attorney back there to contact him and we shall see what that produces..anyhow, I do appreciate the comments thus far and do hope that we will be able to get this resolved...

Comment by Moxie on January 30, 2011 at 2:15am


I regret to say this but your brother might have to consider the possibility that he has been a victim if identiy theft. If he hasn't done so already he should call all three of the credit reporting agencys and request a credit report. The numbers are in the yellow pages and it should free of charge. Start there and also maybe contacting the SS department to flag his SS at least to stay any further fraudulent activity, but he must keep on them. Get an attorney if he can. That is about all I can think of for starting points and I hope someone else has more or better.

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