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New Dream Act Amnesty by Obama & Kyl/Rubio

Well we all know that Obama wants votes and support and will buy them at the price of Our Nations Expense.  Now we also have two so called Republican Senators Kyl and Rubio proposing a plan for almost the same thing, they want a legal status given and after 10 years if they all meet a certain criteria they can become citizens. 

I suppose for some in the Republican Party such as McCain and Flake and others this is in fact is a Dream come true for them, as now they won’t have to push it as hard just come up with what they decide is a better idea or way to get the hispanic vote/support.

I’m questioning as well the statement made by Romney just hours after the Obama announcement when he got off his bus to tell all of us he disagreed  with Obama, however he does agree with Sen. Rubio.

This is what happens when we settle for the better of two Evils as they keep telling all of us to do and the real question I have for all Americans is when are All of You going to Stand Up for Our Country and Its’ Future vs. voting the way the Party tells you to by supporting the Better of Two Evils, please try to remember there’s no Good in Evil, of course maybe you don’t care anymore as well.  Before Voting this year be sure to check the records of the incumbents and also the records of non incumbents as to who they give money to, this is a great way to see what they really believe in. 

I hope all who read this will begin to realize that those who pretend to serve us only really serve the Two Party System and those who have the Money to Pay for It, Please America Wake Up while you still Can.  God Bless You All; Van

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