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obama is trying to divert attention from his failures and scandals, by attacking syria

 our goverment in bed with the lowest form of life on earth, killers, murderers, rapists, jihadists from all over the world, the U.S is moving these animals from country to country to undermind their secular stable goverments.  here is a list of our freids now that reflect our values:

islamic jihad, al qaeda, jabhat al nusra, ansar al shariah, shabaab al mujahideen, muslim brotherhood, al hijrat, taliban and others, one of the practices of these groups in syria was eating a dead soldier heart and liver, beheading a priest in front of his congregation, and just recently they killed two kidnapped bishops, and burning every church in their path.

our goverment is aiding and abetting terrorism.i am ashamed that obama is our president, ashamed of our senator mccain, the only dictator need to resign is obama.

stand up and call your congressman, tell him we know the outcome and who will be in charge if we attack syria.




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