Open Letter to John McCain: Obama is Impeachable!

John McCain at a recent town hall meeting stated that he did not think that Barack Obama had committed any impeachable acts. McCain must be sleeping on the job and has not read the following:    Obama Is Impeachable Under 27 of the 35 Articles March 29th, 2013 • 11:17 AM

Barack Obama.

George W. Bush.
David Swanson, investigative journalist and author, who has been a leading activist in tracking the war crimes of George W. Bush, Tony Blair, and Dick Cheney, has blasted Obama for being worse than Bush in his policies of ignoring the Constitution regarding balance of powers, in torture, murder, imprisoning people without trial, and in large- scale spying against American citizens.
Swanson, founder of the website "afterdowningstreet" which is now called "," wrote 70 articles of impeachment against George W. Bush, 35 of which were adopted by former Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) in a formal bill.
Now, Swanson says that Obama can be impeached for many of these same actions.
In a March 27 article in Counterpunch, Swanson says, "[O]ur failure to hold Bush accountable has predictably led to his successor being significantly worse in matters of abusing presidential power. And not just predictably, but predicted....
"I helped draft about 70 articles of impeachment against Bush, from which Congressman Dennis Kucinich selected 35 and introduced them. I later looked through those 35 and found 27 that applied to President Barack Obama, even though his own innovations in abusive behavior weren't on the list," Swanson said. "Bush's lying Congress into war (not that Congress wasn't eager to play along) is actually a standard to aspire to now. When Obama went to war in Libya, against the will of Congress, he avoided even bothering to involve the first branch of our government."
"When Bush locked people up or tortured them to death, he kept it as secret as he could. Obama, despite radically expanding secrecy powers and persecuting whistleblowers, does most of his wrongdoing wide out in the open. Warrantless spying is openly acknowledged policy. Imprisonment without trial is law. Torture is a policy choice, and the choice these days is to outsource it. Murder is, however, the new torture....
"Obama runs through a list of men, women, and children to murder on Tuesdays, picks some, and has them murdered. We don't know this because of a whistleblower or a journalist. We know this because the White House wanted us to know it, and to know it before the election...."
This is not the first time that Swanson has put the spotlight on Obama and his cronies in lying to launch unnecessary wars. In February, 2013, Swanson reviewed "Hubris," the antiwar documentary produced by MSNBC and aired several times around the 10-year anniversary of the Iraq war. While encouraging MSNBC to do more such documentaries, he notes that they should stop covering up their own role in silencing the press critics in 2002-3, and stop covering up the role of Obama's Democrats in starting new wars today, such as Iran.

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