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Check out "Merlin Trends" or will supposively do the switch to Hillary so she does not have to play in any primaries and he will be ousted so she will just slide in The repubs already have firmed this up saying they are not ready yet so then the supreme court will go totally left by their appointees and we will have a socialist commujnist rule for at least 16 yrs. america will be gone this is all spelled out on this Trend page the only one they talked to was Ron Paul who knows what they plan I know you all despise him but he is not bought like the rest of them The other choice which is what we have to do "take them all out !  the whole Congress We have no government to trust the corruption has to fall, they cannot be allolwed to have this happen If obama goes down finally for "Natural Born " treason All who were apart of this including Clintons must be charged But look no one charged and of those responsible for taking down our Economy, all got off and arte in cabinet or CEO positions once again WHY DO WE HAVE NO LAWS ANYMORE???

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