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Obama is Supporting Al-Qaeda Rebels in Syria in Their Use of Chemical Weapons!

US Officials Are Erroneously Rejecting the UN Report that the Al-Qaeda Rebels, the ones that Obama is backing in Syria, are to Blame for Using Chemical Weapons. These are the same Al-Qaeda Rebels that were responsible for the assignation in Benghazi of Ambassador Stephens.

The Ambassador was opposed to Obama transferring weapons from Libya to Syria.

Figure it out for yourself as to why the Obama Regime refused to support and save the Ambassador and three other Americans with readily available military assets.

Obama has wanted to go to war in Syria ever since he ordered the murder of Muammar al-Gaddafi, so that he would not be delayed by a trial in his pursuit of war with Syria and Iran.

Obama and his handlers are looking for any excuse to go to war, even if they have to make one up.

Sources Warn Chemical Weapons Claims Aim To Draw the U.S. Directly into War 

Senior U.S. intelligence sources contacted in the past 36 hours by EIR have provided the following assessment of the claims that Syria used chemical weapons against rebels:

There are several objectives behind the assertions by the British, French, and now Israeli governments that they have "proof" that the Assad government recently used chemical weapons against rebels in the Aleppo area. The first objective is to force the United States to directly intervene militarily in Syria, on the grounds that Assad "crossed Obama's red line" by using chemical weapons (CW) against the population. Until 48 hours ago, when the Israeli government made their own claims of "proof" of the use of CW, the opposition to direct U.S. military involvement, centered around the Joint Chiefs of Staff, had been sufficient to keep the U.S. out of direct "boots on the ground" engagement. With Israel joining the British and French to press the CW tale, the whole Israeli lobby in Congress and in the media were activated to push back against the Pentagon opposition to deeper engagement.

The second objective, according to the sources, was to force U.S. military engagement and thus create an impossible rift between the United States and Russia—at the very moment that a war-avoidance faction, including Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey, is attempting to improve U.S.-Russian cooperation. Dempsey was in China on a five-day visit when the Israel CW claims surfaced (just hours after Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel completed his own visit to Israel), and he is scheduled to go to Moscow sometime in May to meet with his Russian counterparts. If the United States is dragged into a direct military involvement in Syria, all bets are off regarding U.S.-Russian relations.

In preparation for a major increase in U.S. involvement in an invasion to overthrow the Assad government, President Obama has been meeting with all the leading "allies" in the Friends of Syria network. Last week, he met with Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal; on Tuesday he met with the Emir of Qatar; and on Friday Obama was meeting with King Abdullah II of Jordan. He is also scheduled to meet with top United Arab Emirates officials, and in early May with Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan. According to one senior U.S. intelligence source, Obama's meetings with the Middle East leaders is aimed at securing their cooperation in channeling all weapons and money through the Free Syrian Army, to keep the flow of aid away from al-Nusra and other radical neo-Salafists. The source added that this attempt is a sick joke. The United States has been unable to have any control over the flow of arms and money, and the bulk of the aid from the Gulf has gone precisely to the neo-salafists who will, at some point, turn those weapons against the United States. The idea that Obama can convince these Gulf rulers to abide by American wishes is preposterous, but it is indicative that the United States has virtually no control over the process. With Israel joining Britain and France in peddling the "Assad CW" story, President Obama is expected to escalate American involvement.

Initially, according to the sources, the United States will likely announce direct arming of the rebels on the false claim that there are controls in place to prevent the weapons from getting into the hands of al-Nusra and their ilk.

The "Sinai trio," Britain, France and Israel, are committed to trapping the United States into another Libya-style armed regime change operation that will have devastating consequence. EIR is investigating the recent London visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, ostensibly to attend the funeral of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. He conferred with top British officials during that visit, and it may be that this is when the CW scheme was hatched to overwhelm all U.S. opposition to direct military intervention.

Obama and Syrian Rebels Pitch a Fit Against Carla Del Ponte 

The Obama White House responded in true Nero fashion to Carla Del Ponte's revelation that Syrian rebels used deadly sarin gas, not the Syrian Army. Through White House press spokesman Jay Carney, the President simply rejected the UN findings to date, preferring instead to continue to retail the now-discredited propaganda that Assad had crossed the "red line" by using chemical weapons on the Syrian people. "We are highly skeptical of suggestions that the opposition could have or did use chemical weapons," said Carney. "We find it highly likely that any chemical weapon use that has taken place in Syria was done by the Assad regime. And that remains our position."

Syrian rebels responded to the expose by kidnapping four United Nations peacekeepers patrolling the Golan Heights.

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