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"Occupy Wall Street" and the Flea Party Movement

Well, Occupy Wall Street is making its mark in cities all across America.

Little Obamavilles are sprouting up everywhere as the Left, driven in part by Tea-Party-envy and nostalgia for 1968, creates a new movement some have aptly named the Flea Party.

Memo to the Left:  It's been done before, and it's been done better.

However, in spite of the filth, profanity, class warfare, and even open anti-semitism expressed by some of the new Flea-Baggers, they have already earned Nancy Pelosi's endorsement as well as praise from one of Ahmadinejad's Generals.  Great start, Flea Partiers!

One of the Obama Regime's unintended gifts to America is that it has put Leftism on display, in full throb, for all of America to see.   With that in mind, I wish Occupy Wall Street a long life ... at least right up through November, 2012.

Granted, there are still many open questions about the Flea Party movement -- in particular, what are their core principles?   From the start, we've known that the Tea Party movement's three core principles are (1) Constitutionally limited government, (2) free markets, and (3) personal/fiscal responsibility.  But what about the Flea Party movement?  Beats me.

We know the Tea Party movement's foundation documents are the Declaration, the Constitution, and the Federalist Papers.  It's a rich heritage.  What are the foundation documents of the Flea Party?  Marx?  Engels?  Alinsky?  Ayers?  Obama?  I confess I have no idea.

For the time-being, I guess we'll have to count on humorists and cartoonists to figure out what the Flea Party is all about.  For example, see the Jimmy Kimmel video below and the Nate Beeler (Washington Examiner) cartoon below that.

Anyway, long live the Flea Party!  Do your thing!   Show us all what the Left is made of!


Nate Beeler, Washington Examiner


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