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Office of Governor Brewer Responds To My Call For Help For The Quartzsite Mayor

Seems like every time I write a politician I get the "NOT MY JOB" response.

Mr. dWheel, thank you for your email to Governor Brewer, I am responding on her behalf.

The Governor's Office of Constituent Services is in receipt of your message and your
concerns and comments have been recorded and passed
onto Governor Brewer. As you may know, the Governor's Office has no
legal authority to investigate matters of local government and
particularly allegations of public corruption. If you believe that
corruption and abuse of power is taking place within the Quartzsite Town
government, we strongly urge you to contact the Arizona Attorney General's Office.

Office of the Arizona Attorney General
1275 West Washington
Phoenix, AZ 85007-2926
800-352-8431 (outside Phoenix area)

Constituent Services
Office of Governor Brewer

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