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Well, Utah has shown it is ready for the challenge of taking down rhino's and electing more conservative candidates. Is AZ up to the challenge? Let's hope so, but, we need everyone's help around the country.

The race between JD Hayworth and John McCain is heated and close.

John McCain is doing his best to re-invent himself as a conservative. but, we all know his track record and his liberal style legislation. McCain-Kennedy bill, McCain-Feingold bill, cap and trade which he has backed away from now, govt. bailouts....etc. He has had 28 years to try and help the border, but has done nothing.

However, with his new "conservative" campaign, I'm afraid there are many who are buying into it unfortunately.

But, We do have an answer, and it will take your help. JD Hayworth is a true conservative candidate. And, in a debate, I think everyone will see the big difference. the problem is, McCain is hiding from debates and is continuing to just "sell" his conservative ideas.

Well, we need to get JD's word out. That takes money. McCain has deep pockets and is selling his goods all over the state without debate. I'm trying to help JD raise enough funds to get more exposure and his message out. But time is running out.

I am participating in a marathon race on June 6th, to help raise funds.

So please, take a look at the link below and see if you can contribute to help us get another conservative in the senate. It's not just for AZ, it's for the country. Any amount you can give will be appreciated! please, send it in soon, We need to get the contributions in as soon as we can!

Thanks for your time and contributions if you can!

Every dollar counts! remember, the cost of freedom isn't free!

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