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Our local "conservative" radio station KKNT 960 AM the former patriot airs pro-illegal immigration ads

Looks like another so called "conservative" AZ radio station has compromised itself for advertisement dollars. Over the last several days I've heard pro-illegal/open borders ads being aired on KKNT from a so called evangelical christian organization advocating for immigration reform. These ads originate from a left leaning organization by the name of "Pray For Reform" who distort Holy Scripture and take passages out of context in an deceptive attempt to make it sound "Christian".

WND has also reported on it.

World Net Daily article

I love listening to Dennis Prager, Bill Bennett, Mike Gallager on KKNT but now I'll have to enjoy their conservative talking points from their websites or satellite radio because KKNT has been removed from my radio dial.

If your an AZ listener, please do as I did.  Contact KKNT management and voice your feelings of betrayal and disgust for their willingness to air such left leaning tripe and all for a buck.  Let them know you're now a former listener and will convey this to your family, friends and social media contacts unless they cease airing such liberal propaganda.

Here's the link for contacting KKNT.

960 AM KKNT Contact Us information

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