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This is a response to Mr. Morrow' comment on TEA PARTIES IN ARIZONA SUPPORT MCCAIN III

Have to agree with you, pragmatist fits her well but totally disagree with you on it being a smart decision to stump for McCain! Come on, we all (in Arizona) know his record. If Palin told McCain to take a hike and gave the nation solid reasons for it she without doubt would exemplify the sediment of the majority across the nation. Stumping for McCain is the easy way out, not throwing the progressive under the bus is a mistake.

Giving Palin a pass on McCain is more of the same, politics as usual.

Did you happen to catch Palin’ interview with Chris Wallace yesterday? Palin is noting but a right/conservative version of the obama plan and she gave indicators of that throughout the interview. She needs time and lots of it.

Palin said it best in the interview, “When the GOP strays from the planks in the platform, a people's movement like the Tea Party movement is invited in to kind of hold these politicians accountable again and remind them of their constitutional limits there on the federal level and it's a beautiful movement. I'm proud to get to be a part of it in terms of at least hearing from those in the Tea Party movement and sharing with them what I believe are some common sense solutions to the challenges facing us.”

We are ("Palin") “””””””‘INVITED IN””””””””” TO KIND OF HOLD THESE POLITICIANS ACCOUNTABLE “”””””AGAIN””””” and remind them of their constitutional limits………..”

So they don’t read the bills before them and didn’t understand the OATH they took when taking office and she is going to come to Arizona and doublespeak for one?

We are being “invited in” what a pompous belief and you want me to “simmer down” and face the facts.

Its becoming clearer that Palin is stumping for McCain to glean additional traits where we need to judge her on her associations, like she did obama.

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