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Phoenix City Council Meeting 4/22/15 Item 61 citywide eight hour rule request for unified city services card research.

This is the proposed Municipal ID card that will benefit illegals who cannot get legitimate IDs.  ITEM 61 will only require an approval request for staff from multiple City Depts., to spend in excess of 8 hours of staff time for researching and coordinating the feasibility of a "Unified City Services Card", including identifying technology requirements, staff and resource costs, legal considerations, the role and use of personal identification, and development of proposed implementation policies and standards. [Research of cost for the card is between 4-6 million dollars for us City taxpayers]

A unified City Services Card would provide a one-card system for access to City services including libraries, parks, transit, and senior centers.  In some other cities, such a card also is used as identification in accordance with their state laws. The specific uses of a Unified City Services Card in Phoenix would authorize staff to conduct the research necessary to identify potential uses, costs, policies, and technology issues in order to inform decision by the Council.

This item was recommended by the Parks, Arts, Transparency, and Education Subcommittee on March 25, 2015, by a vote of 2-1 Councilmen (The 2 'yes' votes for it were from: Laura Pastor, and Daniel Valenzuela ).  As usual voting for the good of the illegal aliens who cannot get ID's very easily because of their Status.  The 'No' Vote came from Councilman Waring, Phx. Dist. 2. 

Two concerns: A) for the legal citizens of Phoenix: We don't have problems getting an ID from any source.  If they no longer drive, they easily get a State ID with their photo in it. 

B) There's the possibility they will try to use it to vote in the elections.

Their community organizers even brought a woman from New York to try to convince the local officials to adopt the ID card for the benefit of their community (?).  Apparently NY is now flooded with "undocumented" who needed an ID card.  As usual, the Easterners have a habit of interfering with the SW laws of Immigration.  There's a large group of Community organizers in the Phoenix Area who are still trying to void SB1070.  If this Municipal ID passes, you can bet that all the cities in AZ will also be forced to issue the cards, and bear their cost. Please write, call or visit your councilman if you live in Phoenix, if you don't, you may still oppose it based on the cost 4-6 Million Dollars!!

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