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Phoenix Water Rate Increase: Sal DiCiccio cooling his jets.

In reference to Councilman Sal DiCiccio’s latest email as copied below: January 18, 2011.

Claude Mattox is saying the January 19 vote on the proposed water rate increase is premature, needs more review. I have heard, nor read nothing of the like from DiCiccio or Gates to date, have you?

Mattox’s comment is indeed a more thoughtful and reasonable approach. One I agree with rather then DiCiccio attempting to evoke emotions without careful consideration, that which DiCiccio continues.

Now, tell DiCiccio that looking for budget savings should also include putting the Police and Fire department under the microscope as well, rather than always stating “except Police and Fire”. Police and Fire, "IS" 60% of the total City of Phoenix budget. Is DiCiccio saying a review of Police and Fire is not needed, that there is no room for improvement, or is there soomething going on with the line up of attendees to his secret meetings?


Councilman Mattox: Water Fee Increase Needs Deeper Review
Phoenix Councilman Claude Mattox and Council members Sal DiCiccio and Bill Gates say a vote on the proposed $23 million water rate increase, scheduled for a 3 p.m vote on Wednesday, January 19, is premature. A more thoughtful and reasonable approach requires more review to see if cost savings can be discovered, thereby eliminating the proposed water rate increase.

The public has seen reductions in their income, businesses in their communities boarded up and neighbors losing their homes, it has become incumbent upon Phoenix officials to do more with less and to cut our own budget first. The public has suffered a dramatic increase in their water bills only to have Phoenix ask for more.

The three council members want an intense and complete review of water department operations and alternatives to the proposed hike. Five votes are needed to pass the rate hike or to postpone a decision while the review is completed.

“Phoenix must look internally first for cost savings and more transparency so Phoenix rate payers further understand the impact of this rate increase. Please let everyone know that Councilmembers Mattox and Gates are looking for a more reasonable and thoughtful approach to city operations, and to thank them for doing so,” DiCiccio said.

Your calls, emails and faxes to the Council are working. The only way you will see substantive change at City Hall is for you express your concerns. Please send this to anyone you feel is concerned about their water bills.

Sal DiCiccio
Phoenix City Councilman - District 6


Phoenix water rate hike: Sal DiCiccio and THE CRISIS MYTH


Sal DiCiccio: VOODOO MATH – 1 EQUALS 5 to 7


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Comment by JPD on January 23, 2011 at 5:18pm
There is no defense for any Councilmember to not have the information they need to make a decision.

The means are available for them to request any information they would deem appropriate to become completely informed in a timely manner. To assist this, the Phoenix Council has available a staff of 42 employees for this and other tasks.

Additionally, three Deputy City Managers assure the City Manager is on top of every issue, such as the water rate issue. I suggest a little pressure be placed on the City Manager by the council to cough up the information. Seems the desire to exercise one’s right and duty to manage subordinates on behalf of the citizens of the City of Phoenix has infected the whole chain of command from the very bottom to the very top.

DiCiccio stating that Councilmember’s are being lied to and are having information withheld by city staff is utter nonsense, flat out a LIE. Truth is, he is too lazy to do his job under the parameters he accepted, choosing instead to run his mouth under a political free speech indemnity banner. To me he sounds just like the liberals he doesn’t like for similar reasons.

Interesting Whalen, you are OK with being on a City of Phoenix Water committee to address your concerns, but are against other City of Phoenix committees that are counter to your desires and beliefs but concerns of others. Yes, different in scope and intent but none the less, an expense tax payers of Phoenix must pay.

So, I’m back to DiCiccio bellowing that each and every City of Phoenix employee averages $100k in wages with benefits therefore they need to be outsourced. How did the inmates get the keys in the first place?

It’s assumed this 1-13-11 info packet follows an earlier info packet, that which contents would of facilitated requests for information by council members.
Comment by JPD on January 23, 2011 at 5:18pm
PS no need to legislate that all information be given to council instead of having to get it by committee. Less codes, policies, ordnances and laws – not more.
Comment by JPD on January 22, 2011 at 12:59am
I'm on another site right now discussing Wes Harris, along with Americans for Prosperity - Arizona. I got over the urge to change my registration long ago! This is a two party system, always will be.

Comment by Gary Whalen 2 hours ago (on)

I had breakfast with Sal DiCiccio yesterday and we talked about the issues facing the City and the City Council. We also talked about the Water Services Round Table and discussed what the make up of the committee could be. I will not know for sure that the majority won't be conservative until I talk with those individuals. However, that is the impression that I am getting.

Sal and I talked about Thelda at length. He stated that she is conservative in her moral base. That's the good news. The bad news is that she is making decisions based on the information that is provided to her by the different city departments. Unfortunately they sometimes lie in order to get what they want. Instead of questioning these managers about the validity of the data provided, she remains silent.

>>>>> end br />

Say hi to Sal, tell him I appreciate his backing away from so much doublespeak and ask him why he isn’t talking about this: Finance, Efficiency and Innovation Subcommittee Identifies Additional Savings

So we have DiCiccio, and Williams (per DiCiccio [per you]) making decisions with known bad information. DiCiccio infers (per you) that Williams doesn’t check “the validity of the data provided, she remains silent.” Well that clears it up for me: DiCiccio therefore checks the data provided but chooses to misrepresent the facts anyway.

As much as I dislike Gordon, he is telling the truth about DiCiccio misrepresenting the facts. January 14, 2011; Mayor: Here’s The Facts on Water Services

So let’s say DiCiccio (or Williams) isn’t receiving the data, reports, information ……….. or he is getting wrong information. Have you seen the staff the City Council has? Each Councilmember has an Assistant, Research Analyst, Secretary and a pool of 11 Council Aide’s.

I’m not interested in excuses as DiCiccio has stated that he is not being given the information – go get it – isn’t that what we are paying him to do? To be informed.

So lets revisit DiCiccio’s truthfulness. Phoenix management's 6-figure salaries worry councilman, union head by Scott Wong and Matt Wynn - Jan. 13, 2010 10:25 AM: The Arizona Republic Where does he come up with that the average City of Phoenix employee makes $100k?

Whalen, I don’t expect you to respond to this post, it’s meant for others to question and find for themselves the answers.


Council Assistant - 8
Council Research Analyst - 7
Council Admin Specialist - 1
Council Secretary - 8
Councilman - 8
Exec Asst to City Council - 0
Management Asst III - 1
Special Asst / City Council - 0
Council Aide - 11
Secretary II - 0
Clerical Trainee - 5
Admin Secretary - 1
Secretary III - 1

Total 51.

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