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Politician & Press Pick Our Candidates

Politicians & Press Pick Our Candidates

April 2, 2012No Commentsby Van

We’ve been watching all the various races this year both in and outside of AZ and have come to the conclusion that both the Leadership in the Republican Party and the Press decide who wins and loses.

The practice has been going on for some time now, however in this campaign year it’s more obvious than usual. If you watch how all the endorsements come to the so called front runner, I might add most of them from what the Party calls conservatives however they don’t rate very high when it comes to the Constitution.

When you watch the Press reporting as well they favor one over another and for the most part go along with the as Rush calls them RINOs who run the Republican Party.  This is done mostly because the Press has already established relations with the Candidates Staff and wants to maintain this for future leaks etc. that they depend on as well as interviews on air and therefore sell all of us short.

God Bless You All; Van

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