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POLITICIANS Kelli Ward and Diane Douglas STAB Arizona Constitutional Activists in the Back

Having been involved in the Arizona Political process for about a decade now, I witnessed the most dumbfounding display of political betrayal of voters by politicians Diane Douglas and Kelli Ward at the February 6, 2016 Sun City West Republican Club meeting. Not surprising is all in attendance witnessed it as well but were totally oblivious as to what presented itself with the exception of a handful, reminds me of the syndrome people get when they are around star’s?


At the beginning of this first video 1 from the Sun City West Republican Club meeting, Kelli Ward can be seen gesturing her agreement as Supt. Diane Douglas began to state very clearly her concerns and disagreements with SB 1416 (2016). Mere minutes after Douglas concluded and Kelli Ward was introduced, the Douglas endorsement of Ward for U.S. Senate 2016 occurredvideo 2 where Douglas virtually didn’t utter a word other than upon approaching Ward, head down, Douglas under her breath corrected Ward that she as a citizen was endorsing her, not her in the capacity of Superintendent of Public Instruction, makes one wonder who actually wrote the endorsement.


Diane Douglas’s objections with SB 1416 (2016) video 3 seems to be contrived at best given Douglas supported HB 2184 (2015) video 4 as Senator Allen video 5 (current Senate Education Chairman) and Senator Dialvideo 6 (author of SB 1416) both stated in the Senate Education Hearing 2/4/2016 for SB 1416.


Compare the proposed changes to law being considered in SB 1416 (2016)link 1 that Douglas condemned on 02/04/2016 (video 3) against the proposed changes of Senator Dr. Kelli Ward’s “Strike Everything – INSERT” Amendment to SB 1038 (2/20/2015) link 2 that Ward doubled down four days later with her 02/24/2015 HB 2184 Amendment  link 3 Other than the Technical Corrections within SB1416 that lengthened the page count, it is for all intents and purposes THE EXACT SAME BILL (language) as the SB 1038 and Ward Amendment HB 2184, no difference between the three. Why Douglas in the first video made a big deal about the number of pages 1416 increased to is theatrical at best.

All three Senate Bills (one in the same) have the intent to take select Constitutional and Statuary Authority away from the elected position of the Superintendent of Public Instruction currently held by Diane Douglas, placing that authority with appointed – unelected CZARS being the State Board of Education.


So… Diane Douglas endorses the very person, former Senator Dr. KELLI WARD who in 2015 initiated SB 1038 and its equal the HB 2184 Ward Amendment that is now Senator Dial’s SB 1416 that removes a portion of her (OUR) her own Authority or the authority vested in the People’s Seat of the Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction. Where the Douglas endorsement of Ward comes at the moment in time Douglas lambasts SB 1416… where Ward is seen in video 1 sitting behind Douglas with a cat who ate the canary expression as if in total agreement with Douglas.


Former Arizona Senator Kelli Ward, current 2016 Candidate U.S. Senate Dr. Kelli Ward who tells We The People she wants to put AZ in DC by stopping DC in AZ aka McCain, poured salt in the Diane Douglas’ wound by voting (along with 14 other Republicans) for Senate President Andy Biggs “Floor Amendment” to SB 1469 (03/07/2015) link read on the floor by Biggs: ‘amendment does change the Board of Education to a State Agency video 7.  The FACT SHEET link 5 clearly states it expands State Government by making the State Board of Education a State Agency complete with budget lines that will only grow in time, where Ward has stated she is for smaller government, for getting government out of our lives, apparently she didn’t read Biggs Bill and was asleep when he read it..


On January 2, 2016 at the Sun City West Republican Club meeting Diane Douglas explains her position on SB 1469 and the Biggs Floor Amendment video 8. Douglas clearly states the unconstitutionality of the legislation and she clearly doesn’t agree… IRONIC that one month later on February 6 at that very podium Douglas endorses Ward who voted for 1469 that included the Biggs Amendment.

Again, I’m just utterly dumbfounded by the behavior of Diane Douglas and Kelli Ward at the expense of Arizona’s K-12 STUDENTS let alone for our State Constitution. Do Ward and Douglas believe their actions aren’t questionable or just they’re naïve or hoping their voters are? The Douglas endorsement of Ward given the above defies logic, then again Common Core which they both say they don’t like has its issues with logic.

Diane Douglas’ endorsement of Kelli Ward after what Ward did to her coupled with Kelli Ward waving the Douglas endorsement around is repulsive. Ward and Douglas have no business in any elected office as they they are what they say they’re not – their words, their actions.


video 1 02/02/2016

video 2 02/02/2016

(video 3, 5, 6 source

(video 4 source

(video 7 source

video 3 – 00:36:19 to 00:37:…

video 4 02/26/15 – 00:09:50 to 00:11:15…

video 5 – 00:25:58 to 00:26:30…

video 6 – 00:34:54 to 00:35:26…

video 7 – 00:02:13:to 00:07:05…

video 8

link 1 state board; superintendent; powers; duties SB 1416…

link 2 2/20/15 Ward Amendment to SB 1038 strike everything – insert…

link 3 HB 2184 Ward Amendment 2/24/15

link 4…

link 5…

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Comment by G&L Cole on August 12, 2016 at 1:45pm

Ward may not be the perfect conservative but she's a whole lot better than the worthless Republicrat establishment "build the dang wall" Juan McStain!!!!

Comment by Jeff Dover on July 28, 2016 at 6:38am

Oh, and by the way, those who have "betrayed" the voters are the GOP.  They've been getting away with it for years at the national level and often at the state.  The only people they listen to are their big donors, both foreign and domestic.  We don't count.  In fact, the way they have operated in Washington is as Democrat enablers.  They pretend to represent us, but instead stiff-arm us, keeping our sensible policy needs in abeyance while allowing progressive policy to hold sway, even while holding a congressional majority.  Ever notice how, no matter how much sense it makes, there’s always some excuse or other why it can’t be done? They are just as corrupt as the Democrats only less blatantly.  They hide it better.

Comment by Jeff Dover on July 28, 2016 at 6:28am

Sorry...I'll take Ward.  And Douglas, who kicked out Common Core, is also just fine with me.

Let's be sure that Sen. McCain doesn't see another term.  We need new, non-Establishment blood there.

Comment by JPD on July 10, 2016 at 8:07am

I hope both Miklica and Brendel read the article and links and if they believe the con job given by Ward & now Douglas is what really happened then no wonder the country is being flushed down the toilet.

Comment by Carol Miklica on July 10, 2016 at 8:04am

Who are you anyway? Sounds like a Lib infiltrated this site! So typical...ho hum.

Comment by Joseph Brendel on March 19, 2016 at 5:30am

Who is this? another Progressive supporter of McCain?  What is his or hers name? Is this the 'Tea Party's Stance? I would wonder!!

Joe Brendel

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