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Regarding voter fraud at the voting polls. While voting in the 2008 general elections a lady followed in after me signing in to vote. Well she didn't have the proper ID but had all the excuses why she should be allowed to vote. A little debate was started by the senior citizens, (God bless them as they work a long hard day) who were running the polls as to whether or not to let her vote. It didn't take long for these nice people to cave in after a older silver haired gentleman walked up and said, "let her vote and they can sort it out later". I almost fell over, but remained silent. A sign clearly stated on the sidewalk into the poll that proper ID is now required to vote by law.

With whats happened since 2008 it's important for poll workers to take a strong stand to obey and enforce the election laws.

I noticed Arizona is advertising for Poll workers. If we want fair honest elections we will need fair and honest poll workers. Poll workers are paid for their time. Sign up at

Unofficial-Voting laws in Arizona:

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Comment by Dwheel on July 31, 2010 at 5:49pm
Interesting. So the sidewalk sign and the law I voted for that made the sign necessary was misleading and a waste of money.
Comment by Barbara DeCarmine on July 30, 2010 at 12:07am
Those people who come in with no ID will be given a provisional ballot and the envelope will be marked NO ID. It is kept in a seperate pile from the regular voters. Most likely it won't be counted.

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