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I think that it is such a shame that the GPTPP has gone from UNITED to such disaray.  Please tell me why?  Why is it that whenever someone becomes active there is always a power play or power struggle...  I don't get it nor do I like it.. Where has the coheiveness of the GPTPP gone?  We are acting just like the people who we want to unseat in this country.  I am ashamed and apalled to here that this is happening within the ranks of the GPTPP.  I have witnessed groups disbanding and now the whole GPTPP seems to be unraveling right before our eyes.  I woke up in a flipped alter world where everything that I value and know as right seem to be wrong now and that it is "everyone for themselves" mentality.. I for 1 will continue to abide by the principles before personality type of life that I live.  I learned long ago that it has got to be PRINCIPLES before PERSONALITY or else it falls apart.  Is this issue better or worse for the GPTPP as a whole?  Will it dismantle the entire good of the group? 


I will continue to pray that the coheisveness that we had will once again resurface and that we will be again united in the cause.  Just because the election of 2010 is over does not mean that there is no more work to be done. WE have a great deal much more work to do. Please do not let Harry Reids words "the tea party will disappear" ring true. 

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Comment by Robert Yeats on January 26, 2011 at 4:07pm
Hey all, power struggles always happen. If you want to keep Tea Party cohesiveness going it's up to you and I to connect with one another. Go to the other TP meetings of other groups. Take the time to join them. That interaction between members of various groups are the threads of a fabric we weave. The higher thread count (connections between groups) the stronger the fabric. Additionally, membership is almost always homogeneous, remember that. It is poor leadership that divides us. Obviate those leader's flaws by connecting with our base, i.e. other members. Once we are connected poor leadership has nowhere to go but out the door.
Comment by Kelly Townsend on January 26, 2011 at 3:16pm


The GPTPP was founded on the idea that it was run as a bottom-up organization, completely transparent, non-partisan, non-endorsing, and focused on the three principles of Constitutional adherence, fiscal responsibility, and the free market.  I am embarrassed to have to react to a threat that our internal issues should be made public, however my principle is to never operate in the dark and therefore took the initiative first, for better or for worse.  I care about our organization, and I care that it remains bottom up and not governed top-down, especially from a harsh, dictator-style leadership.  I will do everything in my power to restore the principles of our group, and encourage all of you to do the same.  I encourage you to attend leadership meetings, board meetings, and the like, and to ask the questions you are asking.  Just as we chanted in DC on 09/12/09 "We own the Dome," so too you also own this organization.  Ask the questions you are asking here, persist until we are a united front again, and be strong in the face of the liberal opposition. 


It is because of you this organization exists in the first place.  Please don't let this hiccup disuade or discourage you.  We will prevail, not derail.  Sometimes the lights hurt your eyes when turned on suddently, but we adjust and things will be clear and ready for us to move forward knowing we are going in the right direction.


My best as always,
Kelly Townsend

Comment by Art and Edwina Olivas on January 26, 2011 at 2:30pm
 Michael Amen
Comment by Moxie on January 26, 2011 at 1:45pm


I don't know you, but I understand your concern and fear, because I too see the struggle amongst many of our members. However I hold faith in the humanity and integrity The Tea Party Patriot's apply to the original principles. We are all human and we all express ourselves in our own unique ways. There are those that find a niche in expressing their discourse out loud and those that use their niche in other less vocal ways. I like to think that this compliments us. We will not always agree on how to do things, but we all agree things need to be done.

"The course of our life is an array of selves that live within each of us. These selves call out to us constantly---in our dreams and fantasies, in our moods and maladies and in a multitude of unpredictable and inexplicable reactions to the world around us." Hal Stone and Sidra Winkelman

Do not lose heart Sandy the Tea Party Patriots is still here and no matter what many of us may say in a moment of frustration or anger it will not take away from what we stand for! Remember we are a multi-partisan group and expect that we will not always support the same issues in the same order, and we must accept that there will be members exposed at times (perhaps more often than we would like) that raise questions on their loyality and truth to The Tea Party Patriot principle. I for one am grateful for those members that stay vigilant and have the courage to expose and confront those they believe are not promoting true Tea Party Patriot principles. This is not to say that we do not have a responsibility to research the issue's that arise, we do, but we must be honest with ourselves and accept that it can, and does happen in all organization's, and we do have a responsibility to each other in our approaches, however again I reiterate our human flaws. Open mouth...insert foot!


Your sister in Christ and Fellow Tea Party Patriot

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