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Republican Headquarters Now the private property of ROBERT GRAHAM?????

 I was ask to come to a meeting at republican HQ's for Luis Rodriguez who is running for City Council. And I will help him all I can! But I guess Jan Brewer's and Obama's tactics have come to the GOP! And because of a few selfserving GOP politicians that are intranched in the Party!! We are loosing people to the independs. And yes the GOP the party that is  considered the party of OLD WHITE MEN is asking how can we get Hispanics and Latinos to join the the Republican Party? Well it is not by censuring me and especially when my wife and I have donated over $800:oo to the Republican party! My BIG SIN is that I will not follow blindly and bow down to Robert Graham and others that call them selfs conservatives and in my eyes are Rinos ! Even when the party's LDs and P-Committmen ask them to take a stand they don't pay atention. They think we vote them in so they can rule. We need to rember who they are so we can VOTE them out!! Well to make a long story short! When I got to the meeting Was asked by someone who I think his name is CHAD if I was Art Olivas and had I been critical about his Majesty ROBERT GRAHAM? "I SAID YES THAT WAS ME!!" Then he said I was not welcome there and I was told to go away and don't you come back no more. no more, no more!!!! ps I will not leave the Republican Party and give the Rino a free hand in The  HARSSMENT of our members in to SUBMISSION! El Tudy Mexican Bandit! Arthur Olivas Jr. Isay what I mean and I mean What I say.


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Comment by JPD on May 28, 2013 at 11:56am

El Chivo - agree, top to bottom the evil ones are scum and need to go.

Comment by El Chivo on May 27, 2013 at 8:14am

They don't have to be in leader ship, to be scum sucking RINO pigs.  We all must fight the evel ones. Hello Robert & Bruce.

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