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RINOs Run Interference For Democrats



Here’s an interesting piece from The Hill: Note that Bush is described as a “potential nominee” by his party. Ladies and gentlemen, is that our party?

Those familiar with my writing know that in the past I’ve proposed a party to replace the Republican Party. That a man considered by that party as a potential nominee could make such an award presentation is illustrative of why I would make such a proposal.

Let’s count the GOP’s policy wins in the past twenty five years. Let’s see…have you finished? I’ve counted up all the ones that I can think of and guess what? I found that aren’t any that still stand. Even the capital gains tax rate is slated to rise.  But wait a minute...there were some wins.  They got a massive education bill passed, they grew existing government agencies and created new ones, they're set to pass an amnesty bill...  I guess there have been those wins and many more, all growing government, increasing spending and undermining individual freedoms.

My question is this: given the actions of so many elected Republicans in Washington, including when they had a congressional majority and a president in the White House, what reason do any of us have to believe that they can possibly, in our wildest dreams, be the answer? In the past there have been times of conservative ascendency: the Goldwater years, the Reagan years when the Democrats owned the congress and the brief period in the mid-90’s when Newt Gingrich was the house speaker. We have always slid away to the Left once again and seen any gains evaporate while Republicans again behave in ways to aid Democrat gains and policy objectives.

Go to and look at “the platform”. See anything new? See anything specific? See any signed pledges by any of the party’s elected members of congress to achieve any of it? All I see is the same, watery, by now meaningless boilerplate that’s been there in one form or another for as long as I can remember. They say “we believe”. I say, “prove it.” But haven’t they had more than enough time to prove it? If you can’t get it right in 90 years, isn’t something centrally wrong?

So, in the end, what do we have to lose? 

Let’s ignore all the people who tell us we can’t win. That’s simply their wish, not reality. Split the vote? Can anyone tell me how, given the way things are now, that can hurt us any more if it happens? Let’s put together a party which has teeth and which enforces the discipline of actually reaching its stated goals upon those it puts into elected office. That requires different party rules. Let’s get leaders into place who are committed ideologically to our constitution and founding precepts, not the over-educated (or sometimes under-educated) legal opportunists merely seeking a career to raise their social standing and bank balances, guaranteed pensions and rich “consulting fees” from lobbies once out of office.

We’re doing the same thing, over and over again, thinking we’ll have a different outcome…and we know what the definition of that behavior happens to be. As independents and conservative Republicans, we’re like Charlie Brown, continuing to believe that Lucy won’t pull the football away at the last moment. In failing to make the necessary changes, we’re like the obsessive-compulsive, whose mind is always telling him “I have to, but I can’t! I have to, but I can’t!”

Yes, we can…too, Obama.

Jeff Dover

June 28, 2013

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