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Well, Well, Well! Look at who is trying to lie to me of all people! And no Robert I did not miss the point! You see you were fighting with the unions helping Andy tobin and the McCain Machine! As the attchments will show, And we also didn't see you fighting very hard to stop Jan Brewer's hospitals bed tax! Robert please wake up! You have been fighting the Conservatives and Tea party! You are the left!! Rob Haney found that out when you kick him to the curb! After I wrote the so-call Malicious hit pieces on you and Rob! Yes Robert Graham in the eyes of a lot of people you are a RINO! As far as the term Dark Money! It was not created to suppress the frist amendment! It was created to disclose cheap slimy under-handed people that buy other people that are for sale and selfserving!
Robert Graham you words are as empty and meaningless as you are in my eyes Arthur Olivas El Tudy Mexican Bandit
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Hey Art...did you realize I was fighting Unions and Tax Increases or did you miss that point?  Sad to be criticized for fighting the left.  Who is the RINO?  Are you pro union and pro tax or something?   Also did you know that the term Dark Money was created by the left because they do not support the first amendment.
Robert Graham
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Robert Graham and kirk Adams of Americans for Responsible Leadership! Montgomery, Doug Ducey, Mark Brnovich, Justin Pierce and Hugh Hallman are being Bought by Dark Money???

Robert S. Graham
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