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Runaway slave, a movie by C.L. Bryant is playing to record crowds and I would like to see it played here in Phoenix. What the producers need to bring it to us is a commitment of 1100 movie goers on the first weekend it opens and a venue for their advertising to vet the word out including radio advertising. Can we make this happen? I'm trying to get enough support to bring the movie here to Phoenix. See the trailer at Let me know what you all think and Chris Rossiter, since your gathering people to see 2016: Obama's America, I would appreciate your help if you are interested in pulling this off. Contact me for details!

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Comment by Moxie on August 23, 2012 at 9:08pm

Just checked AMC locations...Obama movie is playing at many locations just like other movies....different times and days. Westgate AMC is close to me so that is where I will be going. If you have not checked their site to find a theatre near you should.

DB Bless you! This movie by far is very important! I will advocate many people I know to go see this!

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