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It has been a busy time for our campaign…  We continue to walk neighborhoods and knock on doors to talk to LD25 voters about the race and the issues facing Arizona .

If you have seen the updates that Bob Worsley’s campaign are putting out, they claim they are now in the lead by double-digits.  Like most things they are saying, nothing could be further from the truth. Our most recent polling shows little change from our early polling that showed us ahead 45-25, and that makes sense, since neither campaign has done much in terms of TV, direct mail, etc. Both campaigns are knocking on doors and having house parties, but you won’t see the numbers move 30 percentage points as a result of that.

Voter reaction to our message has been very good.  Bless them all, Republican voters and even many of the Independent voters we have spoken with understand what is really going on in this race, what went on in last year’s recall, and what is at stake.  And they are not listening to the media or the Worsley campaign’s negative attacks because they simply don’t believe either of them.

They believe in results and they believe in my track record as the leader of a conservative movement that has made huge gains for Arizona ’s businesses, taxpayers, and families.

We were just endorsed by the East Valley Small Business Alliance after they interviewed both me and Bob, side by side.  These business owners had the chance to take the measure of each of us, compare our resumes, our positions on issues, and our track records, and they endorsed our campaign as best for Small Business owners.  You won’t read about that in the media because they don’t seem to be interested in printing good news about our campaign, but now you know, so pass it on!

In a little over a month the early ballots will go out.  Between now and then we will continue to word hard, knock on doors, hold meet ‘n’ greets, put up yard signs, and road signs too (even if just to replace the ones that keep getting stolen!).

All of this comes at a cost in terms of time and money, so if you can volunteer please let us know. And if you can make a contribution, please do so.  You can do both at <> .

 As always, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you are doing.  Every day it seems we are forwarded an email where a volunteer has been out campaigning on our behalf, making a web video for us, or sending out emails to their friends and family in the district.  We don’t have the kind of money that Worsley has, but we are blessed with an abundance of good friends.  I am happy to put my faith in people power and LuAnne and I are forever grateful to you for your support.


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