HYPOCRITES Jeff Flake and Wil Cardon: Russell Pearce RECALL, where were they?

   After all Flake did say his 11 year U.S. Congressional voting record pushing comprehensive immigration reform was, "a dead end….. and not possible." Having said that back in March 2011 after announcing his run for Kyl’s Senate seat, wouldn’t it make sense to support a fellow lawmaker, a constituent in your district, a fellow member of your faith and someone who shares your views on the border? I would if I were trying to convince the voters that after 11 years I was changing direction.  

   So where was U.S. Senate Candidate Jeff Flake during the October 14 Russell Pearce Rally? In fact where was U.S. Senate Candidate ”I’m against amnesty, I’m running against Flake and I will not be out spent” Wil Cardon? Neither showed up to support Pearce, only U.S. Senate Candidate Van Steenwyk who always has, still is and will always, stand up for true conservatives and our constitution. 

   Funny, U.S. Senate Candidate Wil Cardon thinks money will buy the election. When asked at the Cochise County Republican Headquarters in Sierra Vista, on November 16, “Why do you think you can win?” Cardon responded “MONEY.” ‘I have money, I can win, I have employees.’ Republicans in attendance who just watched the 9 am swarm of Cardon campaign employees set the place up for his 10 am arrival; blinked their eyes, looked at each other saying – Buz Mills!     

   One would think with a little help from fellow anti open border advocate Jeff Flake that Pearce would have breezed through the recall election with no problem? But wait, didn’t Jeff Flake encourage his immigration lawyer brother-in-law Kevin Gibbons to run against Pearce in 2008? And what about Jerry Lewis and this Utah Compact – amnesty by any other name thing? Think Flake supports that Utah Compact – heck he could have help draft it for all we know.

   Let’s see if I can get this right:

   Cardon announces his U.S. Senate seat bid against Flake because he (Cardon) doesn’t agree with Flake’s open borders position and record. So Cardon wants closed borders, but never mind that Cardon and family have been contributing to Flake’s campaign’s for over a decade, that they have common friends, attended the same LDS Temple at one time, and are still in the same LDS Ward. 

   Flake promised Matt Salmon in 2000 that he would serve no more than three terms, just as Salmon did: note Flake is serving his 6th term. Flake has been an avid no earmarker per McCain and now Flake is following mentor McCain's advice on how to take an election time hard right, turning his back on comprehensive immigration reform. Flake is also turning his back on LDS doctrine - the Utah Compact as is Cardon for their new found closed border stance. 

   Cardon shows (he’s a) real character while sitting on Flake’s U.S. Senate Campaign Finance Committee announcing his Senate bid. Cardon just blows it off saying he only lent the Flake Senate Campaign his name for fund raising, I wasn’t involved. I decided to run against Flake for principal differences. SO both Flake and Cardon turned their back on LDS doctrine, I understand why they failed to assist brethren Pearce. But Flake turning his back on his 11 year immigration voting record and Cardon saying he will win because he’s got MONEY, and Flake has the money of McCain supporters – MONEY!

   If Ronald Regan was around he would call Flake a political prostitute?  Flake, Cardon, McCain and Kyl all fit the bill, and based on the above which is only brushing the surface, Flake and Cardon are class “A” hypocrites to their faith, their principals, morals and ethics and to the voters.

   Kyl, as the Minority Senate leader, that December when Obamacare was being consider, refused to exercise his power and right or to allow any other Republican Senator with the same rights to call for a reading of the Healthcare Bill on the floor – heck they just might still be reading today.     

   When is enough, enough?


   Russell stood on principal, on the United States Constitution, on the rights of the State of Arizona. Senator Russell Pearce stood tall for his state, my state, your state for all of the United States of America.

   Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce, is a man among men!

   Godspeed Mr. Pearce.



   Love the Arizona Repulsive article by Dan Nowicki Sunday the 27th: McCain: Debt panel failure may hurt incumbents , what McCain wants him to write, he writes. Don't eat the yellow snow flake's. 




 03-28-07 full clip

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Comment by Don Jusko on November 29, 2011 at 3:22am

I'm not for using big words when I don't have to, Flake is a LIER and that is the most dangerous thing out there. Look at Obama.

Comment by Mark Pentecost on November 28, 2011 at 5:21pm

Jeff Flake has an abysmal voting record on the IMPORTANT stuff.  Just like his daddy did.  Never around to take a real stand on the hard issues.  His dad supported "Agenda 21" public planning procedures here in AZ back in the late 80's - and, so does sonny boy Jeff.  He's just following a family tradition of SELLING OUT AZ for personal political gain through the traditional support of wealthy Mormon contributions.

I don't give a flip about someone's religous preference, as I have discovered that political christians lie just as quick as non-believers.  Usually for different reasons - not the least of which is Constitutional Stupidity through their mis-interpretation of scripture - or a basicly severe "lack of spine"!

The Flake's have never been TEA Party people, and never will be - so let's all "Do Unto Others" by NOT electing another poor excuse of a politician that unquestionably makes life harder on all of us.

(By looking back on Jeffs past voting records - he was obviously off "On A Misson" somewhere else at the most critical of times - and hopefully seeking forgivness for not doing the job we have been paying him to do)


Comment by JPD on November 28, 2011 at 4:08pm
Comment by Dan Bruner on November 28, 2011 at 11:19am

OOOOPS...I meant to say he will NOT be getting my vote.

Comment by Dan Bruner on November 28, 2011 at 11:18am

I wrote to Flake several months ago asking him to provide a list of things he has actually done during his years in office. I also stated I did not want some form letter in response....no response so far. The man is a hypocrite, a lying self promoting empty suit. He will be getting my vote.

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