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SB 1322 DiCiccio: Union bullies threaten taxpayers, elected officials

NOTICE: at or around 2045 (845PM) this evening DiCiccio redacted personal information on the two police reports: What HE DID redact that was not personal was James Patrick Tierney's name and that he is, investigative lead - 02, concerning the faxes. (more at bottom)

DiCiccio makes a better bully than victim.

Perhaps DiCiccio should rethink excluding Police and Fire from "Managed Competition" (SB1322) after getting disused by Phoenix Police: "it was decided that we would continue to monitor all transmissions sent to Mr. DiCiccio that could be interpreted as either threatening or harassing in nature, and that the level and extent of future will be determined by the most current activity, as well as, the totality of circumstances."

Gee, they didn’t even give Sal his VICTIM RIGHTS INFORMATION, what’s up with that?

And the scratches on DiCicco’s car that he noticed 05-20-2010 but reported 14 days after the fact 06-02-2010, "I think I didn’t see"scratches?

Just when did DiCiccio say the threats began, May 2010 or January 2011 – I’m confused.

Under threat, DiCiccio only waited 70 days to report the threatening faxes (01-11-2011 / 03-22-2011), a seventy day delay. How long do you wait if you are under threat?

The other thing I don’t understand is DiCiccio tells all these half-truths, twist and fabricates like a liberal and cries foul when those with finesse deficiencies allegedly respond, and he continues with the lies.

OMG, he’s surprised when he yells bring it on? But not concerned enough for 70 days to make a report.

So DiCiccio wants’ to fight the good fight, that is why he tucked his tail and ran to the State Legislature with SB1322 to do an end run around the City of Phoenix voters. Lazy or what?

I wish no physical harm to DiCiccio, his family or friends or anyone else. Threatening violence and/or the perception of such is serious, something I will not do as the spoken truth is mightier than any physical threat.

As for DiCiccio calling some political pals and asking them to get me to stop writing about him, telling them they needed to make up with Morrissey. Sorry Sal, we’re pals for life, real buddies as someone like you needs someone  like me. As for Morrissey; Lynn Breyer via Rob Haney knows how to pick em, with Morrissey at the head table and the state Republicans acting like far right wingers - Sal DiCiccio: Republican’s in Arizona push Democrat’s to victory in.... We are doomed.

How many of the following traits have you seen DiCiccio display: 1 charming in public; 2 rumor-monger in private; 3 two-faced; 4 distorts truth and reality; 5 hypocritical; 6 evasive; 7 pompous; 8 self righteous; 9 obsessed with image; 10 passive-aggressive; 11 pretends to care; 12 plays the victim.

I have witnessed all but #2.

Here is Councilman Sal DiCiccio's latest dispatch: Monday, April 11 12:20 PM

Union bullies threaten taxpayers, elected official
You want to know why things don't get done in politics? Because special interests that live off of your tax money will do and say anything to keep their gravy train -- at your expense. Most decision-makers cave to the pressure.

People have asked why I have been so determined to make the changes necessary to protect you and your family. It’s because I have hope and because I believe. I believe in Phoenix, that we can make our city a better place. And I believe the current path, the one taken by Detroit, General Motors and Greece, should move to a path that makes us economically strong long into the future and protects our quality of life.

Things don't get done because it is too easy for most to walk away and leave someone else to deal with the problems.

The calls and the threats started to pile on when I began exposing a system where employees can walk away with hundreds of thousands dollars of your money at retirement, that Phoenix's 15,000 employees get an average $100,000 in total compensation, 40 1/2 days off a year (to start), free transit, $8,000 a year for education expenses, post-employment health dollars and a generous guaranteed-payment pension that allows them to retire in their 50s (plus more benefits). All these are perks that your tax dollars fund for city employees, benefits I'll bet that you -- the boss -- don't get.

Check out this is the fax sent by the city of Phoenix labor union "Aiming for you." It was one of a dozen faxes, most with union letterhead and sent from a union fax machine, that made threats and called names.

My car was vandalized in a secure city hall parking garage that only city employees can enter. Click here for Phoenix Police report.

They even faxed me a picture of the car I drive (often with my kids in it), to send the message that they watch me. And my wife got a call at home asking if she knew of any good agents for union workers. Not very subtle.

OK, I get that elected officials get hooted at and called names. That's just part of the package, and I can handle that. I’m a big boy. Besides, I don't work for them. I work for you. But such tactics show you why change is so hard and why so many don't take on big issues.

The bullying really kicked into high gear when I took to the Legislature Senate Bill 1322 (SB1322), an idea to help bring some fiscal sanity to the city and relief to taxpayers. All it does is require big cities to check if the private sector might be able to do some non-core and non-public safety work more efficiently and less expensively, saving taxpayers that hugely expensive labor load and skyrocketing pension costs. It could save taxpayers between $250 and $300million per year, in Phoenix alone. Union workers could bid on those jobs also; they just had to compete on a level playing field, for the first time. It treats everyone, you and the employees, fairly.

You wonder why so little fiscal reform happens at the city of Phoenix, why Phoenix would rather raise your taxes and fees ($130 million in the past year) than stand up to union bullies who threaten (and elect) them. They'd rather pass a food tax on the poorest among us who can least afford it than stand up to the special interests. And don't buy the "employee sacrifice" line. After getting close to 20 percent in compensation increases the past five years (which you pay for) during the worst recession of our lives, the employee give-back is around 1 percent. How much has your worth declined in the past five years? More than 1 percent?

Their plan is all so predictable: First come the threats, then recall, then smear and more smear and finally a candidate is presented with the secretive backing of the special interests.

I need your help

You no longer need to accept mediocrity from your employees; as the boss, you should be expecting more, not less. You no longer need to accept higher water bills, higher taxes on your food, expensive fees on your business that stifle job creation. You have my commitment. I do need a small commitment from you. Help everyone you know be aware of the changes needed to fix this. You must demand this change from your elected officials. Please pass this along, call your legislators. I need you to call your councilperson and say enough is enough, you need to represent me and my family and not the special interests.

My best to you and your family,
Sal DiCiccio
Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio represents District 6, which includes Ahwatukee, Arcadia, Biltmore, East Camelback and North Central. He can be reached at or 602-262-7491.


Couldn't have said it better, special interest.

Special interest, those who cry the loudest usually are the guilty ones!

Question: police report (2011 00484975) James Patrick Tierney, AFSCME Local 2960, investigative lead – 02; concerning the faxes sent to DiCiccio’s office from AFSCME Local 2960. Any relation to David Tierney, community activist, who attended DiCiccio’s clandestine meetings?

"Members at the table includeGorraiz, Billy Shields, a lobbyists and former president of the firefighters' union; Paul Johnson, a developer and former Phoenix mayor; Alex Tauber and David Tierney, community activists; Joe Villaseñor, Shield's brother-in-law and former aid to Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon; Ray Bladine, a retired Phoenix Deputy City Manager; Todd Sanders, president and CEO of the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Senior Vice President of SCF Arizona Rick DeGraw; Glen Hamer, president and CEO of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce; the Goldwater Institutes' Nick Dranias and Byron Schlomach; and David Bodney, an attorney with Steptoe and Johnson who represents the Arizona Republic."

If so, would it be possible he had/has access to the fax machine used to send DiCiccio love letters?

If they are related did DiCiccio inform the Phoenix Police?


Why did DiCiccio redact James Patrick Tierney’ name from the police report?

When did DiCiccio say the threats began? When he started to expose all the abuses by City of Phoenix employees who were walking away with "hundreds of thousands dollars of your money,” Seeing it was the Police and Fire personal along with city administrators and managers that are/were doing this, walking away with your money who constitute 80% of the City of Phoenix total budget, why target just 20% of the city expenses, the rank and file employee? DiCiccio’s special interest in the private sector – what are DiCiccio’s political ambitions?

Hell, retire at 50 with full benefits, how about Police and Fire who can retire at 42 with full benefits? Neither deserve such an early retirement. Who gave these benefits to the employees, the next person up the food chain? The ones gaming the system just a bit more than their subordinates, who gives them the scrapes to keep them quite?

The skyrocketing pension costs are being generated in the Police and Fire department, 60% of the total City of Phoenix budget.

Is Sal DiCiccio conservative or liberal?

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Comment by JPD on April 19, 2011 at 7:10pm


The latest from DiCiccio:  “Unfortunately, instead of joining in the discussion in the open and having an honest and fair debate on the issues, unions have resorted to intimidation and threats.”


Sal, no smear from me…………….. just facts: you excluded the unions from conservations, you started calling them names first, you have misrepresented the facts over and over and over  and now you cry foul, suck it up BIG DOG!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011 9:13 AM



National Unions -- Intimidation and tactics: More money from your wallet

DiCiccio says his office received a fax with his face outlined in a bulls-eye and the words "Aiming for you."  -- Ahwatukee Foothills News, April 15, 2011

“Transmission information on the faxes shows the messages were sent from AFSCME 2960's number and accompanied by cover sheets bearing the union's official letterhead.”         -- The Arizona Republic, April 12, 2011
Dear Fellow Taxpayer,

All that I have asked is that you and your family be treated fairly by your government and that Phoenix looks at more efficient ways of providing important services.  


You would think that would be an easy request in this difficult time. It is not.

In the past five years, you have seen cuts in your after school programs, cuts in your senior services, cuts in our libraries, a 60 percent increase in your water bill, a new food tax and more fees on small business.

At the same time, you have seen huge pay raises for city staff, more tax money going to pensions and city management making millions of dollars and then retiring into a pension paycheck larger than the original salary. 

When Phoenix pays out on average $100,000 per employee,  and an entry-level clerk gets 40.5 days off in the FIRST year of employment -- tell me we don't need reform.


This doesn't seem fair to me. 

That is why I supported a bill in the Arizona Legislature, SB1322, to make Phoenix more responsive to you.

Unfortunately, instead of joining in the discussion in the open and having an honest and fair debate on the issues, unions have resorted to intimidation and threats.

You have read in the news where the union bosses called my wife at our home and  sent us a picture of our car, the one I drive my children to school in. My car was  vandalized in a secure parking garage at city hall, and now there are calls for recall. 

Next, you will see a “hand-picked union candidate” announce he or she is running against me.

I need your help.


Please read the news article below, pass this on to your neighbors and friends.
We need to let taxpayers know what will be put in front of them.  Be prepared. You will hear lies and more smears.


The Union Boss phone calls have already started. Don't believe those union-supported calls and mailers coming to your home.

With your help, I know we can change the way government does business and cut government spending.

All my best to you and your family,
Sal DiCiccio
Phoenix City Councilman - District 6
200 W. Washington, 11th Floor

Please see The Arizona Republic column.  "Threats are never acceptable" here.


Comment by JPD on April 16, 2011 at 9:36pm

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