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SB 1322 Sal DiCiccio: Republican’s in Arizona push Democrat’s to victory in 2012

Overwhelmingly the sediment of the public today is increasingly aligning with the simple mission statement of the Tea Party Patriots in its purest form: Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutional Adherence and Free Markets.

At play is a myriad of entities, private, public and political, all jumping on the Tea Party and anti government bandwagon, and rightfully so under our system of freedoms and natural rights. By the nature of the beast some of these entities are good and some are bad.

City of Phoenix Councilman Sal DiCiccio is an example of bad, of taking advantage of the current political and economic climate to give the appearance of holding accountable, to give the appearance of reducing government. DiCiccio seems to be an OK person, but the deportment of his presentation, the methods and means employed, the falsehoods presented all remind me of a progressive liberal wanting change, and wanting it right now at any cost. Pelosi and Reid are a comparable example, and of course Phoenix Mayor Gordon a progressive, says it best and I agree.

Sal DiCiccio is not alone in his quest where he and his cohorts compromised their message out of the gate, where they know the voters of Phoenix are suspicious about outsourcing rank and file city employees. Where DiCiccio and cohorts were seeing their opportunity to gain by outsourcing city services (Managed Competition) slip away due to the extremely successful “Phoenix Innovation and Efficiency”, Spending Less and Creating a Smaller, More Efficient Government” program.

And now Sal DiCiccio and his cohort raiders have reached inside the State Legislature for assistance from Arizona Senator Frank Antenori, Chair Government Reform Committee and member of the Economic Development and Jobs Creation Committee. As a result Senator Antenori introduced Senate Bills; 1322 MANAGED COMPETITION FOR CITY SERVICES, and 1345 HIRING AND COMPENSATION FOR MUNICIPAL EMPLOYEES.

State Senator Antenori has a bright political future being 45 years old, retire Army and Bronze Star recipient and born in all places, Scranton, Pennsylvania. It has been said he has an anger management problem where he can identify with AZGOP Chair Tom Morrissey, Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce and Arizona Senate Majority Leader Scott Bungaard. Cheap shot but heck, I’m following Sal DiCiccio's lead.

Senate Bills 1322 and 1345 is big brother shoving down our throats that which is not needed, let alone being misguided and has special interests written all over it both private and government. How many of DiCiccio’ cohorts in his secret meetings are or were associated with the Phoenix Police and Fire Departments? The class of employee Senate Bills 1322 and 1345 “DOES NOT APPLY TO” Police and Fire.

I don’t believe that DiCiccio is doing it for the taxpayers, and I don’t believe it is going to have the results intended. In fact just the opposite seems the more obvious result when you read between the lines of Senate Bills 1322 and 1345. These bills are big government, intrusive, things the far left and far right do. These two bills have the City of Phoenix in its crosshairs and are bias in favor of private business as represented in Sal DiCiccio’s clandestine meetings.

DiCiccio and cohort’s stated intent is (via Antenori’s Bills) to reduce the burden on the taxpayers of Phoenix by shrinking government is a fallacy. Again, read between the lines of the two bills, it becomes apparent that labor costs will shift from the hourly to higher paid professionals in administration, supervision and management. More of these higher paid positions will be needed to oversee creation and continual revising of documents describing the scope and performance of work to invite bidding. More higher paid positions will be needed to manage the bidding process, for oversight and field quality control, for fraud and conflict of interest intervention once awarded, etc. Now add the fact that all this will be for 40% or less of the total City of Phoenix budget as the two Senate Bills exclude Police and Fire that constitutes 60% or more of the total City budget.

Obamacare, how about DiCicciocare?

DiCiccio and his supporters are at an end point with his (?) mission to outsource the City of Phoenix rank and file hourly employees, mostly union members of some sort. This is being done under the flag of these hourly city union employees make too much money on the publics back. I COULD NOT AGREE MORE; they make too much money!

Note: the City of Phoenix has always been the highest paid government organization in Arizona from the late 60’s.

Question: where has DiCiccio and his clandestine backers been for the past 40 plus years? Who exactly are DiCiccio’s hidden backers, and are they all in cahoots of sorts, maybe cohorts?

Both bills, are exemplarity examples of government run amuck.


So DiCiccio, his cohorts and yeas on Senate Bills 1322 & 1345 are fine with keeping Supervisory and Professional personnel on the payroll, who are no different from the alleged pension grabbing rank and file union’s. Where actually Supervisory and Professional personnel are worse seeing they help the City Manager contrive the schemes DiCiccio alleges. Where some are allowed to negotiate for themselves outlandish job conditions, benefits and pay to a higher degree of their charge (subordinates).”



Sal DiCiccio just another “blind in one eye” politician.

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Comment by Moxie on March 15, 2011 at 11:56am
I think that We The People would be all for that since he is the only form of government For The People that does what We The People voted him into office to do! Do it Joe I will happily volunteer for my district and I chance to bet that many many more citizens would do the same!
Comment by JPD on March 14, 2011 at 7:37am
Don’t you think that Sheriff Joe would like to bid on providing police protection for the City of Phoenix? There are a multitude of Fire Protection companies that could provide lower cost fire and/or EMS service.

DiCiccio, if yu are going to run your mouth about breaking the UNIONS - include Police and Fire!
Comment by Moxie on March 14, 2011 at 1:22am

NOW ask Sal who's pocket is he in!


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