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SB 1322 Sal DiCiccio & Frank Antenori: BIG BROTHER GOVERNMENT

My hats off to Arizona House Representative Steve Urie, Vice-Chairman of the Standing Committee on Government for his NO VOTE on SB1322-(NOW) managed competition: city services. His vote and the other no votes are based on  sound reasoning, sound experience.


Representative Urie’ (time mark 01:40:00) summed up what this bill IS NOT “governance as closest to the people that on the lowest possible level is the best governance” ………………………  ‘this is not our problem’ (DiCiccio).  


Among various questions DiCiccio was asked.


’ Are you suggesting that the City of Phoenix is so unmanageable that you have to have the state tell you how to manage it?’


‘The voters of Phoenix elected you to manage, why are you asking us, why this bill?’    


(My comments throughout are paraphrased, unless in quotations)




After the reading of the SB1322, sponsor Arizona Senator Frank Antenori took the podium in support and to answer questions.


Senator Antenori:
(01:13:00) this is really quite simply, the biggest bang for the buck in the private sector.
(01:14:00) Governments cannot interfere with other Government bodies (Arizona/Utah).
(01:14:30) this bill doesn’t mandate a city council to award a contract.
(01:16:00) “I think it is a good start and if it works we should expand it”.
(01:20:30) there are a lot of influences’ that come in and influence these city councils. A lot of folks making a lot of noise!
(01:21:15) will save a “half a billion to a billion dollars in money going into the economy.”
(01:23.50) the city can cancel any contract and go back to doing what they farmed out any time they want.


((Committee member Rep. Forese at 02:14:45 validating his yea vote, “I think it is much less an experiment than others do”))  


 (01:24:00) Rep. Meyers, question, “so these squealing whining people that you are speaking of, aren’t they the voters that we were elected to represent?” Antenori’ response; “some of them are but they are not in a quantity large enough to affect the outcome of an election” (review comment 01:20:30).


(01:25:15) Antenori – ‘divide and conquer’


One has to ask themselves why isn’t this issue of Managed Competition being placed on the August Municipal ballot for the City of Phoenix residences to decide?


WHAT’S THE RUSH?!?!?!?!?!?!?


Antenori 01:17:00 compares Municipal Government purpose and operations to that of the Federal Government ……… hardly comparable


Antenori 01:21:15 seems to be confused about where money goes when in the hands of government vs. the private sector. Listen for comments by committee members about out of state bidders/contractors. (Take note of Orman’s comments at 02:03:20).


The podium exchange from Antenori to DiCiccio around 01:25:22 was like Frankie …….. bringing in Sal Baby …… to clean up the mess. Around 01:25:22 , Frankie …… got stumped by Representative Katie Hobbs question, ‘City not obligated – bill states “SHALL award contracts” you said that don’t have to award but the bill states “shall”?’


Frankie Antenori was speechless, turned to the gallery asking his pal ….. Sal, couldn’t hear him so he started waving for his pal …… Sal to come on down ……. why not, DiCiccio created the bill and he was the next to speak anyway.


01:26:00 DiCiccio took the podium blowing Ms. Hobbs question off where Ms. Hobbs at time mark 01:37:15 basically asks the same question ‘City not obligated – bill states “SHALL award contracts”.’


DiCiccio classic redirect – didn’t answer a second time.   


City of Phoenix Councilman Sal DiCiccio comments:
01:27:10 intent of bill to create a model (a test, an experiment)
01:28:00 allows us to streamline operations
 >>horizontal vs vertical management
be sure to read the DISADVANTAGED subtitle.
01:29:27 question from committee; “aren’t you the city councilman?”
01:31:20 question from the committee; ’ Are you suggesting that the City of Phoenix is so unmanageable that you have to have the state tell you how to manage it?’
01:32:50 there is no plan in place today to lower our overall labor costs (review City of Phoenix comment 01:56:15)
01:33:00 comment from committee; the voters of Phoenix elected you to manage, why are you asking us, why this bill? DiCiccio responded that special interest groups run the city.
01:39:15 City of Phoenix spends 34 million a year repairing auto mobiles  


Tom Jenny, Director Arizona Americans for Prosperity Chapter

01:45:10 ‘this is only the bottom rung of privatization, this is done by a lot of cities, in the end city councils can say no…………………’




I thought Americans for Prosperity was against government intrusion, thought they were for less government imposing their will down the food chain?


Bryon Schlomach, Goldwater Institute

01:48:15 Mr. Schlomach said he researched this subject of bidding out but failed to mention what City of Phoenix Government Relations Rep. Karen Peters (time mark 01:54:15) referenced that the City of Phoenix did 30 years ago. Schlomach mentioned Sandy Springs, Georgia as an example, what he failed to mention was that Sandy Springs was just a rural county area with an expanding population that were victims of outrageous fees for services in a state that didn’t allow areas to incorporate. They incorporated when state laws were finally changed and had a very limited time to get up and running where their only option was outsourcing from the start in HAVING NOTHING. Check out Sandy Springs population after the 2010 census and ask yourself, is comparing Phoenix to Sandy Springs appropriate. Sal DiCiccio and his cohorts think so. Schlomach, you get an F- due to the lack of performance and misleading bias statements.  


01:56:15 City of Phoenix Government Relations Rep. Karen Peters.



02:03:20 Ormanyou guys are looking for a problem for the solution, etc…


02:18:18 Urie; uncorked a mass of confusion on municipalities.


The above is very condensed. It’s painfully obvious that DiCiccio has aspirations beyond Councilman, as Antenori beyond State Senator. Both men in my opinion are smug and intent on passing this bill for notoriety but more so for future support by private business, those who will partake and benefit from the alleged half to one whole billion in saved dollars or should we say redirected dollars.


City of Phoenix has been reducing their budget, they are out sourcing.


My take on the ‘01:39:15 City of Phoenix spends 34 million a year repairing auto mobiles’. (Spending an average of $4500.00 a vehicle per year for maintenance and repair seems reasonable. With a fleet of 7600 vehicles from lawn mowers to transit buses, backhoes to bulldozers, what do you expect? Tires alone on some of these vehicles cost more than the average annual cost. (Sal DiCiccio A BRAKE JOB IS A BRAKE JOB.)


Sal DiCiccio, Leonard Gilroy, OUTSOURCING

December 1, 2010

Start at the top with the “exempt” employees, the ones on contract – the administrators, directors and managers, the bureaucrat net-workers/players, the establishment. Keeping them is like wow, letting the fox into the hen house. They are the ones that are the fastest and easiest to off by simply saying: we no longer need your services, or we are not renewing your contract – good bye.


Hire private sector directors, now that’s outsourcing. Just think, if Phoenix did that they would be on the forefront again of innovated governance.


Business will go on – NO SERVICES DISRUPTED – the inmates know the gig and they will know they will be next making them ripe to discuss the terms of their negotiated union contracts.


Shazam, DiCiccio will have his “Market Competition”, a greatly reduced budget, pension abuse nearly eliminated, colossal union concessions, a city budget in the black, happy tax paying residents and the best run, most efficient and greenest city in the United States of America. And the one thing he wants most – more then 15 REAL people terminated.


Sal DiCiccio: Republican’s in Arizona push Democrat’s to victory in...


Sal DiCiccio, SB1322, Arizona State Legislature

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Comment by JPD on April 9, 2011 at 1:58pm

Sandy Springs Ranks High in National Customer Service Satisfaction ...


* Comparable cities are those with populations of 70,000 – 150,000 that have participated in The National Citizen Survey."



Comment by JPD on April 6, 2011 at 9:41am

HELL YES Art, I'm with all of those who want less government, as long as it’s done in a responsible manner.

HELL YES on the Flat Tax that is going to cost me big time. I’ll pay more while my income drops – it’s only fair……………. our country, state and cities are worth it!

Art, Edwina, I value your friendship and straight shooting style. We may not agree on this and that but we both know we are done with politics as usual.


Comment by Art and Edwina Olivas on April 5, 2011 at 10:27am
I have frist hand imformation on JPD and belive me. He know the abuse and waste of the system. He as I and you know that we as voters have let ourselves down and now is not the time to CRY!!! NOW IS THE TIME TO GO OUT AND BACK THE BEST PERSON THAT YOU THINK WILL DO THE BEST JOB FOR US IN THE CITY. City electons are coming do something. JPD has Family working in other part of our economy that has lost funding and has lost income. It has made our goverment smaller and all he said was HELL YES. So you see it must be something other???????????? Sometimes we have sweet-heart deals that we have look out for. Art O.
Comment by Vince Ansel on April 5, 2011 at 8:23am
JPD......As you are a fellow Conservative (I assume) I will lay this out as gently as I can. I have to come to DiCiccio's defense on this one and I'll tell you why. I had once been a gung-ho Public Sector Municipal Union employee. I will not go into detail about for whom and where. The abuse and waste of taxpayer monies working under Union Employee Protections was outrageous. We would work for 4 to 6 hours a day and get paid for 8. We had 6 weeks paid vacation time, a pension plan, health insurance and other benefits.....all at taxpayer expense! Now that I am no longer a Union member and don't work for this particular City any longer, I can see what I had experienced from a totally different perspective. The institutional mindset of earning generous paychecks for doing as little work as possible, is no longer palatable now that I,m that taxpayer being ripped off! Perhaps having Private enterprise taking over many of these abused and protected positions within Municipal government is the way to go! I believe that SB 1322 addresses this issue, and with Municipalities suffering unprecedented budget shortfalls perhaps it is time to alter a corrupt system. I would venture to say that you may have family members or friends who are municipal employees based on your commentary. You're taking DiCiccio's proposals as a threatening act. Just bringing the "other side of this story" into the conversation!
Comment by Art and Edwina Olivas on April 5, 2011 at 3:15am
Well said Comm.Gordon!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment by JPD on April 2, 2011 at 12:10pm
I understand why you are upset with me; it’s your right and I have no problem with it. In fact, more people need to learn how to confront rather than be PC pansies.

You are blindly focused on the money aspect, stepping over dollars to get to pennies just like DiCiccio and crew where you think that I’m not. In fact you allude that I have something to gain by opposing SB1322, Sal DiCiccio and cohorts. Please make it public for our benefit.

These bills will cost the taxpayers more in the long run besides compromising grassroots principals, the later being my issue.

DiCiccio’ cohorts are in the private sector as well as in the political arena set to gain long term on the short term benefits of SB1322 and 1345.

Your focus on the money has compromised your principals.

I’m not saying that there is no waste, in fact just the opposite, that which I have current firsthand knowledge of.

Do you see me bitching about legitimate legislation to cut government spending that may cost me my job? No my friend because I have principals aligned with the mission statement of true Tea Party Patriots.

The solution to Phoenix’s money problems is getting people like you elected to city council positions that will not be compromised.
Comment by Art and Edwina Olivas on April 2, 2011 at 9:54am
 We are not just talking SB1322!!!! I have said every time Sal says something about waste in goverment. You make it sound like the VOTERS are sticking thier hands in your pocket. AGAIN I will leave the rest unsaid for NOW. Arthur Olivas EL TUDY MEXICAN BANDIT 
Comment by Art and Edwina Olivas on April 2, 2011 at 8:48am
 Again I will repeat You say YOU know about the problem You also write a lot of redundan redirect pointing to problems and not solutions. You may be good at playing with words. But it don't hide the fact that you may be trying to profit from the WASTE of tax payers money and abuse the CITY is imposing on us. YOU would do more good. if you would help us!!!! I will leave the rest unsaid for now. Art O 
Comment by Art and Edwina Olivas on April 1, 2011 at 9:16pm

JPD as I sit here and see you atack SAL on every thing he says or trys to tell us about the CITYS spending!!! You start CRYING Foul as if he is trying to take something from you!!! Now if you know how to corect what is wrong with the City say IT. I think that you are intellgent enough to know that the city is screwing us and you may be helping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Art O. 

Comment by JPD on April 1, 2011 at 8:58pm

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