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SB 1322 Sal DiCiccio, Arizona State Legislature

Sal DiCiccio and Cohorts dupe the Arizona State Legislature

"Block – DiCiccio": Italicized – JPD

"March 17, 2011, Message from Councilman DiCiccio: This will shook you."

What do you get?

“Ask yourself this question as you read this: “What do I get?”


SAL fails to get it right again, the whole truth.

"A first-year City of Phoenix clerk gets 40 and a half days off, including vacation, holidays and sick time. That’s two months off — and an afternoon — in the first year of employment. And the days off keep going up as the years go by. (Read an Ahwatukee Foothills News article regarding compensation HERE.)"
A first year City of Phoenix Process Control Analyst (exempt, salaried) gets 46 days off a year, other supervisory personall get 48, only 6 – 8 more days a year than DiCiccio’s “clerk” and he doesn’t want to address exempt employees, only the non-exempt. Check out the rest of them.

"If employees don’t use all their time off, they get to cash in the remaining days like casino chips, and guess who the bank is? You and your family."

 YOU LIE Sal, and you know you lie! They can’t turn their time in like casino chips, you’re ridiculous, and you say you work only for the taxpayer of Phoenix? Vacation hours are paid at separation per a set maximum based on length of service, use em or loose em. Sick leave hours are paid at separation based on total hours accrued as negotiated by the various employee agreements, and remember the paid professional, management and supervision negotiate just like the rank and file DiCiccio is crying foul about.

Again Sal, City of Phoenix’s paid professional, management and supervision employees are the true enables of the City Manager, Mayor and such that you accuse of withholding info needed to make decisions, where in fact you have access to all said information.

Phoenix paid professional, management and supervision employees are the cause of the inflated rank and file pay and benefit packages. Their subordinates are only following the lead of their supervision, where supervision are the ones that approve the union contracts of subordinates (City Council has final say so). You can’t say no to children when you yourselves are gaming the system.

"You have heard me talk about Phoenix’s high cost of labor at $100,000 a year per employee. That’s just a part of the picture. It doesn’t account for back-filling all that time off."

Sal, who told you that if you say it over and over enough times, it becomes the truth? They forgot to tell you to close your eyes and click your heals together.

"To compensate for days when employees are out, you must either hire more people, pay more in overtime or reduce services to the public. You now can see why your taxes have gone up, services for seniors and children get cut and why you are getting less and paying more for the same service."
Good point Sal, hire more, pay more or reduce services to the public, all normal and customary in the course of business public or private. Or offer payout’s at separation of employment that promotes GOOD attendance, a more productive work force and choices.

"This can all change. There is hope on the horizon."

"As you may know, I have been working with state leaders on Senate Bill 1322, which will change the culture here at City Hall. The bill will require Phoenix (and Tucson) to be more efficient, look for more strategic ways to deliver service and be more competitive. It pulls private sector knowlege and practices into city government. SB1322 passed the Senate on Monday and is headed for the House. For an updated copy of the bill, click HERE."

Sal, the bill represents special interest, your buddies and excludes 60% plus of the total City of Phoenix budget being Police and Fire. The bill reeks of BIG BROTHER GOVERNMENT from the extreme right just like the five immigration bills just shot down.

"I cannot get the city hall reforms needed without your help. I need you to write, email, call or fax the Representatives below and ask for their support on SB1322."

"I made a commitment to you that I work for you and only you. I don’t represent the civilian labor groups that walk our halls, and I don’t represent the management that wants more from your family. I represent you."

"At times that puts me in a difficult situation because I enjoy and respect the people I work with. But, you are not their first interest. Staff’s first interest is to protect their way of life. Our goal is to build a city government that puts taxpayers first and protects your way of life."

"Phoenix is a fantastic city and a place we all love. Help me help you stop this insanity, and let’s get this great city back on the right track and back to work again."

STOP THE insanity,






Sal DiCiccio
Phoenix City Councilman – District 6

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