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SB 1322 Sal DiCiccio, still blind in one eye, and talking out of the side of his mouth.


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Forward: DiCiccio’s message is the City of Phoenix can save a bunch of money if they can ONLY get rid of the unions and their benefits.


----- Original Message -----

From: Councilman Sal DiCiccio

Sent: Thursday, March 24, 2011 1:32 PM

Taxpayers vs. union benefits – You decide


“Can taxpayers afford protected union benefits?”


DiCiccio stated in his March 17 email: "As you may know, I have been working with state leaders on Senate Bill 1322, which will change the culture here at City Hall.” “Are not City of Phoenix Police and Fire union employees? Doesn’t their operating expenses account for 60% of the total City of Phoenix budget?


DiCiccio’s chief complaint is “Taxpayers vs. union benefits – You Decide” Why does SB1322; 9-1002 E. exclude police and fire from managed competition, they're union? Sheriff Joe (Maricopa County) may be interested in bidding police protection for Phoenix as well has home grown Rural Metro for fire protection!


“At a union rally at the state Capitol, several hundred union public employees made it clear that they were entitled to their jobs and extensive benefits without having to compete against the private sector.”


“With shouts, signs and bullhorns, they railed against SB1322, which would do no more than have cities see if they can get less expensive and more efficient non-core services from private businesses. At no point did the demonstrators mention taxpayers, efficiency, affordability or your family.  You are paying for these protected benefits with increased taxes/fees, water rates or by fewer services and cuts in youth and senior programs.” What’s a non-core service? What criteria decides core vs. non-core service status? Leonard Gilroy of the self prescribe Libertarian think tank, Reason Foundation, DiCiccio’s go to guy on Managed Competition, said in an interview with Sal DiCiccio at minute 28:00 “public employees actually win 70 to 80% of those” of the managed contracts. Gilroy also states in the interview that the biggest municipality to date employing managed competition is 120,000. They have been trying to do this Managed Competition for 3 decades now?????? . “You Decide.”  I thought Libertarians were all for LESS GOVERMENT? 


Opponents are trying to paint SB1322, the Managed Competition bill, as cities vs. the state. Clearly, as this rally demonstrates, it's unions, with all the benefits to protect, against taxpayers who have to pay for them. See the Channel 5 video and report and judge for yourself. (Click HERE for link.)”


“Also see the column below explaining how Managed Competition works for cities, efficiency and taxpayers.” DiCiccio, you made it an issue of city vs. state by bypassing the voters of Phoenix!


“Any tears for the taxpayer?”


“My last message exposing the fact that a first year Phoenix employee gets 40.5 days off (see for yourself) really touched a nerve.  Well, the complaints came rolling in.”


“Here is an excerpt from one saying how wrong my numbers are:”


"A first year City of Phoenix Process Control Analyst (exempt, salaried) gets 46 days off a year, other supervisory personal get 48, only 6 – 8 more days a year than DiCiccio’s “clerk” and he doesn’t want to address exempt employees, only the non-exempt. Check out the rest of them."


“I think the reponse says it all.”


Good point DiCiccio, your response to my “response says it all”. You want to put out to bid one quarter (1/4) of the City of Phoenix budget (work force)  being rank and file “union employees” that get 40.5 days off a year to start.


You knowingly CHOOSE TO ignore one half (1/2)of the total budget – the unionized Police and Fire Departments as well as the last quarter (1/4) of employees that start off with 46 and 48 days off a year professional and supervision.  


STEPPING OVER DOLLARS TO GET TO PENNIES are we? Or are your cohorts only concerned about the bones that come their way in the private sector?       


“ My only request is and has been from the get go that City of Phoenix employees get treated the exact same as those citizens paying for those wages and benefits. That simple request has drawn a storm of union criticism: Examining benefits makes one anti-employee, damages employee morale and is an "attack on the middle class."


“How about the middle class that is paying the bill?  Could it be that they too are under attack?”


“What is lost in the self-serving criticism is that after-school programs were cut and more than 60 percent of the kids who needed a safe place after school were booted out.   Where are the voices for these children?  How about seniors?”


“Well, year after year they are threatened with major cuts.  Cuts to the one place they can socialize and be with others.  Without senior centers, they would be shuttered in their homes with little interaction.”


“Let's also not forget those who have lost their jobs and homes, perhaps their businesses. They're not worried about losing a few of their 40-plus days off. They have EVERY day off.”


“All this is happening at the same time our employees received a massive increase in compensation.  And, somehow by asking to give a little of that back to the burdened, bill-paying taxpayer is going to cause a meltdown in our labor force?  So instead of giving back, Phoenix has gone on a fee- and tax-hiking binge: Higher water bills, higher fees for nearly everything, a new food tax . . . .”




“As you know, I have been working on  a model up that allows us to compete in this new economy.  The one we have today, which puts the needs of staff over yours, will not work.”


“The world has changed. Phoenix hasn't.  We are competing with cities all over the globe, not just those touching our border.  If we are to avoid becoming Detroit, Bell, California or Greece, we need to change. We must be more competitive in service delivery and cost control, more innovative.”


“Senate Bill 1322, which passed the House Government Committee and now goes to the house floor, puts in place a model that will attract new jobs to our community.  It realizes we live in an international market and that we must do better at competing for those new jobs, which means creating an environment in which residents and businesses can prosper.  It mostly realizes that we need to take care of our citizens first.  When the focus is on our citizens and protecting their way of life, then you will see good things happen.” WHAT? You talk local and now jump to international, is DiCiccio a latent Agenda 21er.


“This change will not happen until you, the voter, decide that it must happen and demand from your public officials a higher level of accountability.  If we don't perform, then you need to fire us.” You the voter are the City of Phoenix residences, not an over reaching state edict exemplifying big government – big brother. A edict conjured up by your business buddies rubbing their greedy hands at the prospects of gaming the taxpayer under the guise of ”Any tears for the taxpayer?” 


Here is contact information for the House of Representatives.”


Please send this message along . . . .


“Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio represents District 6, which includes Ahwatukee, Arcadia, Biltmore, East Camelback and North Central. He can be reached at or 602-262-7491.”



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