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The Toughest Sheriff in  America:


Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been in the news lately. The Obama/Holder gang and now the Lynch mob’s (no pun intended) persecution of this man is nauseating to all who understand the reason for it. 

Sheriff Arpaio has long been the target for Obama, Holder, Lynch, liberals, illegals, La Raza, Chicanos por la Causa and an activist judge for doing the job he was elected to do by the citizens of Maricopa County.  All of the above, the Obama administration, the Attorney General, the DOJ, illegals, liberals, trial lawyers and race hate groups have lobbied, used the media, the internet and physical confrontations in order to intimidate the Sheriff.  However he doesn’t back down, is still the Sheriff of Maricopa County and is the favorite to win his 7th election.

So let’s get some clarity on the sinister reasons Obama and his puppets have for running this mendacious campaign against the Sheriff.

Sheriff Arpiao is known as the toughest Sheriff in America for good reason.  He has never backed down when it comes to doing the job he was hired to do.  He has never backed down from Obama or Obama’s Attorney’s General as they have pursued this vendetta against him.  But this may give all a clue as to how corrupt Obama, his DOJ and this activist judge actually are.  The Supreme Court has ruled legal that section of the Arizona 1070 immigration law that allows police, if they are suspicious of a criminal act, to stop and ask those suspected for identification, which may also identify an illegal immigrant; which is precisely what the Sheriff’s office and its Deputies were doing.

Sheriff Apaio’s office and his deputies were trained by federal agents from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, better known as “ICE” on just how to inforce the law.  That enforcement training was under federal guidelines.  But that was then and this is now.  Because the Obama administration craves the Hispanic vote, it will take any unethical actions required to achieve that end. 

The activist judge, put on this case, has given a ruling that states, the policies of the Sheriff’s office, are considered “Racial Profiling.”  But wait a minute, the Sheriff’s office and his deputies were trained by ICE agents and were following the direction and instructions given by agents of the federal government.  That training is now considered to be “racial profiling.”  That shameful decision by a liberal activist judge, following dictates from the Obama administration, Holder and now Lynch is just another demonstration of Obama’s imperial “the law is what I say it is” dictates.   

The judge is now suing Sheriff Arpiao for contempt of court and perhaps will try to bring criminal charges against him.  That outrageous law suit and the court costs will have to be paid by the legal citizens of Maricopa County; it won’t cost the illegals a single penny or even a peso; maybe we really are in Levin’s “Post Constitutional America.”  Please God I hope we are not.

To give all an illustration of how far we have gone toward a society controlled by the media and progressive political mind sets, here is an example of something I watched on a local news channel.

The story was about a 13 year old Hispanic girl whose father had been caught up in one of  Sheriff Arpaio’s sweeps for illegals in Maricopa County and had been deported back to Mexico. 

The young girl was being interviewed by a local news caster and was sobbing and crying about the fact that Sheriff Arpaio, by returning her father to Mexico, had broken up her family.  Of course the Liberals and the open borders crowd there were angry and saying this isn’t the way America does things.  The entire Hispanic crowd was showing signs defaming Sheriff Arpaio, waving the flag of Mexico and yelling about how unfair and corrupt the Sheriff is.

People like Dennis Prager have told us many times, liberals operate on about 95 % high octane emotion and only about 5 % common sense.  This is a perfect example of his conclusions. 

So let’s illustrate Prager’s theory.  This is the way law actually is set up to work in the  United States; a person commits a crime, is arrested by law enforcement, is put in jail, goes to trial and if found guilty, is then sentenced by our judicial agencies and sent to jail or prison.  I don’t know what the statistics are on how many people go to jail or prison per day in this country.  How many of those are married or have a family, but I would hazard a guess it might be several per hour.  When that happens, my friends, is called breaking up a family.  It happens all the time to American citizens who are criminals.

The people who supported that young girl apparently are too stupid, too  committed to the open borders heresy, or too ideologically devoted to Obama’s “Fundamentally Transform America” treachery and refuse to understand the fact that her father came into this country uninvited and illegally.  That de-facto makes him a criminal.  He was caught, convicted, was sentenced to be deported and was.  That is the way our system of justice is supposed to work.  So all the sobbing, crying, liberal emotion and harsh invective only proves Prager’s theory that Liberals operate primarily on emotion rather than logic. If it makes them feel bad, to hell with logic.

In addition there are thousands of Military families in our county who’s fathers, husbands mothers are deployed into harm’s way in countries far away from their loved ones.  They are patriotic Americans.  That is also breaking up families, in some cases that turns out to be forever.  And by the way, our military are honorable men and women, not criminals.  So my advice to bleeding heart liberals and people who are in this country illegally is; when an illegal immigrant is caught, convicted and deported, deal with it.

It is also is never or at least hardly ever mentioned by these people that nothing is preventing that young girl and the rest of her family from going back to Mexico to be reunited with her father.  Of course under the Obama, Holder, Lynch’s formula of misinformation, disinformation, half-truths, dammed lies and wide open borders, they might just be waiting for him to come back across our border since it is obviously so easy to do.  Thanks Obama. 

Most of those who wind up in situations like this young girl, do not go back to Mexico.  I wonder why since they do not seem to like the way our country is being run.  However if the really prefer the Mexican form of government stay there.

Let’s get this straight.   If you cross the border into Mexico illegally and are caught Mexican law says you can be jailed for up to two years, not just deported.  (If you are women, you also stand a great chance of being sexually abused).  An American citizen cannot work in Mexico and be paid for doing so, that is against Mexican law.

However if a Mexican national crosses the United States border illegally and is not caught, because of Obama’s intentional lack of border security, as so many millions have done, you can get:

1.     A driver’s license.

2.     Access to our Social Security and Medicare.

3.     Access to our Food Stamps and Welfare.

4.     Subsidized rent or a loan to buy a house.

5.     Free education for your children.

6.     Free Health care and Emergency Room service

7.     You can be hired for work and be paid for doing so (of course a bogus Social Security Card is required however in Hispanic areas that is no problema amigo.  Just another illegal act.

With our country 20 trillion dollars in debt, primarily due to Obama’s malfeasance in government, we have to be idiots to let this bull spit continue.

This is outrageous.   But until this country gets control over our borders (if we ever do), too many people will continue to cross our borders every year and continue to cost us billions of dollars we should not have to spend and that now we cannot afford to spend.

Sheriff Arpaio is known as this countries toughest Sheriff for good reason.  He has never backed down when it comes to doing the job he was elected to do.  He has never backed down from President Obama, Attorney General Holder or Attorney General Lynch as they pursue their Soros ideological vendetta against him. 


It is very obvious that Obama, Holder, and now Lynch, most Liberals, La Raza and Chicano’s Por la Causa do not like Arpaio or the way he does his job as Sheriff and are determined to make life as hard as possible for Sheriff Arpaio.  Too bad, the citizens of Maricopa County Arizona like and respect Joe and continue to elect him time and time again.  Here is some information about Joe Arpaio you may not know:

He served in the U.S. Army from 1950 to 1953.

He was a police officer in Washington D.C. and Las Vegas NV. For five years.

He was hired by the federal government to be a federal narcotics agent.  As a federal narcotics agent he busted drug cartels in Turkey, the Middle East, Mexico, Central and South America and many cities in the United States.

As a member of the D.E.A., he was wounded on the job.  He was very successful and his expertise got him promoted to top management positions in the D.E.A.  He concluded his outstanding career as the head of the D.E.A. in Arizona.

He was elected Sheriff of Maricopa County in 1992 and has been reelected six times (it will soon be 7).  He has been elected with pluralities most politicians would kill for.

Here are just some of the decisions Joe Arpiao has made that has helped him keep getting elected.

1.     01 August 1993.  He started “Tent City” for prisoners because he was running out of jail cells and the suits in Maricopa County refused to provide any funds to expand his prisons.  The liberal press and politicians screamed about how he was inflecting unusual pain and suffering on prisoners due to their living in tents in the heat of summertime Arizona.  Arpiao dismissed his critics by telling them American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan were living in tents in worse temperatures, being shot at and our troops weren’t criminals, so shut up.  In addition Joe by putting up “Tent city” saved Maricopa tax payers millions of dollars in construction costs for new prisons.  By the way there is neon sign in “Tent City” that is always on and that sign says “Vacancy’s”.


2.     Chain gangs.  Those chain gangs contribute thousands of dollars of savings to Maricopa County each year by having prisoners do road work that otherwise would have to be paid for by tax dollars.  Of course all the Liberals and the Liberal press screamed again about how Arpiao was an uncontrolled police tyrant.   The Sheriff then included women in his chain gangs because he heard the ACLU was going to sue him about equal opportunity for the women.  Sheriff Joe justified the chain gangs by saying, “I am not going to just let these prisoners lay around and to nothing all day” they need to be kept occupied”.



3.     He instituted his “Hard Knocks High School” to allow prisoners to get their G.E.D. while in prison.  “ahHard Knocks” is the only accredited high school for prisoners in American prisons.

Sheriff Joe is an 80 plus year old man.  He is as active as a 50 year old.  He has incurred the wrath of Obama, Holder, and now Lynch, most Liberals and some Hispanics, many of them illegals. That can’t be all bad.   God bless him and let him continue to uphold our countries laws as long as he wants to do that. Sheriff Joe is running again in November 2016.  I know the citizens of Maricopa County Arizona will keep him in office as long as he wants to be there.


R. L. Howard.

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