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Some Commonsense Help in the Battle with Obamacare

Hi Folks, This is from a friend, It is one of the many counter arguments to Obamacare, that should be forwarded to those who do not have their hand out, for use in arguing with idiots. This makes sense.


Let's suppose a homeowner is standing on the curb, his cellular phone to his ear, watching his house burn. He is talking to his insurance agent and does not understand why he cannot buy insurance to cover his house. Or people who are scheduled for expensive medical procedures want to sign up for the best insurance money can buy. You find yourself in a traffic accident and your transportation (car or truck) is badly damaged. You call your insurance agent and request coverage having never purchased auto insurance prior to the accident?

Perhaps an expectant mother wants comprehensive maternity benefits added to her policy in the 8th or 9th month of her pregnancy. An individual who suffers a stroke wants health coverage for extensive rehabilitation therapy.

If these people were allowed to sign up for health care coverage and resulting benefits at the time they needed them, this would result in what is called "adverse selection" for the insurance plan.

Health care insurance, most insurance coverage in fact, is based on a simple concept, i. e., trading a small KNOWN expense (the premium that you pay) for an unknown cost (potential FUTURE claims). The best return on your money would be achieved if you purchased life insurance (regardless of the face amount of the policy) and died shortly thereafter.
It's primary purpose was to protect you against "premature" death, not your passing at age 90!

If everyone signed up for insurance just as they needed benefits, the premiums would have to equal all expenses plus whatever administrative costs were involved. This is why a "public option" would never stand a snow ball's chance of being "revenue neutral". You say it is not included in the current legislative proposals? Well, how long from now do you think it will be? A year from now? Two years from now? A decade later?

Insurance companies try to minimize "adverse selection" by employing limits, i. e., pre-existing conditions!!!
If you should lose your job, and the health benefits provided by group insurance, COBRA and HIPAA provide individuals with coverage and assurances that "pre-existing" conditions will not prevent you from being covered when you find a new job. (18-36 months of coverage at your expense of course)

I suggest that those who are favoring health care "reform" are really looking for the government to provide FREE HEALTH CARE when the need arises at the expense of those who have the funds to provide the ASSURANCE that when the need arises, I will not have to concern myself with the costs.

To have that peace of mind would be fantastic. But someone must "underwrite" the cost of that kind of coverage. Should it be the taxpayer who had the foresight and means to get health insurance coverage?

Do I sound cruel and insensitive? Well, I hope not. However you cannot substitute one certainty for another and do so for a vastly reduced cost. As many of you know, there was once when I had to tap my insurance for a very expensive operation. So, personally speaking, I know the significance of health care coverage.

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