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I did not know or perhaps I'd forgotten that St Nicholas Church was destroyed on Sept. 11, 2001 by the collapsing World Trade Center's Tower 2. Now I don't know all the facts about this church and why it hasn't been rebuilt or even if it is going to be rebuilt but I intend to learn all I can. I do find it curious with all the uproar about a mosque being built near Ground Zero that there is a church that once stood as close to this sacred ground as could be possible and yet it remains but a memory.

I can only hope that across the Tea Party Nation news of this church's plight might move some to learn more about what is going on here and if it is determined that St. Nicholas Church and those that have ever been through it's doors and others who have benefited because it existed and even those who have just now heard of the horrible end this church suffered might be moved to assist in bringing about it's revival.

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